Monday, March 23, 2009

Caption This

According to rabbit, this is a photo from after the semifinal.


Savannah said...

Would you rather see her in a tee shirt, leggings and flip flops?

I'm just glad she's wearing maternity clothes although the floral print is a bit frumpish.

Don't they look like any normal expecting couple out for a stroll?

Craig Hickman said...

The top of the dress is a bit much, but I like it.

It looks like a scene from a movie.

Pamela said...

Actually Savannah, yes. lol That would look better than the 70's couch with a bow. She looks like Mrs. Roper from "Three's Company."

Oh well, as long as she's comfortable. She looked so relaxed during Roger's match with Murray and she's usually biting her nails or playing with her Crackberry.

Karen said...

I think they make a lovely couple and I am with Savannah, I am very happy that she is wearing maternity clothes. I do not particularly care for women who don t-shirts etc. Pregnancy is to be celebrated. There are so many women in the world who are unable to have children, and to me you should be quite proud that as a woman your womb is blessed in this fashion. On another note, I am not particularly happy with the print of the dress. She is too young to be wearing that kind of floral - something a little less flowery. I like the length though (I have something similar that my daughter in law bought for me). Very comfortable.

Beth said...

OMG, Pamela, I love the Mrs. Roper comment!!!!

tangerine said...

She looks like Mrs. Roper from "Three's Company."

rotflmao. That's a perfect description.

Graf_sampras said...

i like them as a couple more and more. they seem comfortable with each other which is the important thing.

it's nice seeing roger in slippers, hehe.

HoiHa said...

LOL Mrs Roper - jeesh I remembr that show!!

There is a rumour going around that they are having twins BTW. I would not be surprised as she seems to be carrying awfully large for someone supposedly just out of her 1st trimester...

PS - I like the floral print and length but not the top.

Graf_sampras said...

Mirka might be an OCTO-Mom...they will have little rogets and mirkets...

names like rogerito, rogerinne, mirkette, rogerino, mirkinna, mirkanetta, rogino, mirko,

one big happy family..

b said...

Well she might be at the end of her 2nd/early 3rd.... Rog said summer - which is anything between May and September.... Somehow I don't see the two of them allowing a baby to interfere w- Wimbledon or grass season - so I thought coming in July.

On the other had, the baby coming much earlier would give him an excuse to skip the FO. Have you noticed he hasn't been talking about the career slam this year....

Graf_sampras said...

ATP Tour - Federer: Aggression is key to success

Eurosport - Wed, 25 Mar 22:07:00 2009

World number two Roger Federer said he was not going to analyse his recent defeats by Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray and believes an aggressive approach will bring him back to winning form.
TENNIS 2009 Indian Wells Masters 1000 Roger Federer - 0
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* Reed: Federer past his best
* Nadal wins ATP award
* ATP world rankings

Federer has not won a Masters title since 2007 and has lost his last five matches against Nadal, including the five-set thriller in the Australian Open last month.

After that disappointment, the Swiss player lost out to Britain's Murray in the semi-finals at Indian Wells last week.

"You could analyse in a big way but at the same time, it just happens sometimes. Of course I was disappointed at the way the match ended in Australia and also in Indian Wells but it is not the end of the world," he said in Miami at the Sony Ericsson Open.

"It doesn't really play on my mind a whole lot because I go out there and try to play every point as tough as I can."

Federer, who begins his campaign in Miami against American journeyman Kevin Kim, says he has only one route to beating Nadal.

"I've tried many different things against Rafa. Usually it is the aggressive playing style that makes me beat Rafa, especially on the hard courts. I haven't had many chances on hard courts against him, I've had so many more on clay," he added.

"On hard court I have to play aggressively against him. There is no way around that. I know how I have to play him. I've beaten him enough to know," said the 27-year-old.

Federer, who has 13 grand slam titles, rejected the suggestion that a back problem is seriously hampering him.

"The back is okay, I wish it was better but it's not really handicapping me when I am playing. It's not that bad," he said.

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Maybe he meant agonising more than analysing. I think­ he just means he's not going to be worrying­ constantly about past defeats which seems sensible. He­ probably realises that he's not the fittest guy on­ the courts anymore and needs to play with more risks to­ make the opponent chase the ball and sweat a bit more.­ At least he's not whining about being injured. I­ just hope he's not putting on a brave face when­ it's something that may cause him serious problems­ later on in life.
From Alex, on Wed 25 Mar 10:45PM