Friday, March 27, 2009


That's all I have to say about the lack of television coverage of the Sony Ericsson Open.

These tours must be near bankruptcy.


Graf_sampras said...

so right Craighickman.

i was wondering why no coverage through the channelsurfing that you gave us long ago.

Pamela said...

American tournament can't be found anywhere on tv? Pitiful.

I don't have FSN, so I'm out of luck until TTC shows something (Saturday?) or live stream is found.

Graf_sampras said...

it is on tv...but you have to have cable...or , i guess paytv or something. i have no idea how those things are...i don't watch tv anymore.or just try to catch things online for global interesting "tv" but what i got from the miami masters website schedule is :


TV Schedule
FSN Broadcast Times Live or Taped Delayed
Saturday, March 28 1 pm - 5 pm Live
Sunday, March 29 1 pm - 5 pm Live
Monday, March 30 1 pm - 5 pm Live
Tuesday, March 31 1 pm - 5 pm Live
Wednesday, April 1 1 pm - 5 pm Live
9 pm - 11 pm Live
Thursday, April 2 1 pm - 5 pm Live
9 pm - 11 pm Live
Friday April 3 1 pm - 3 pm Live
7 pm - 9 pm Live

TENNIS CHANNEL Broadcast Times Live or Taped Delayed
Saturday, March 28 8 pm - 10pm Live
Sunday, March 29 9 pm - 11 pm Delayed
Monday, March 30 7 pm - 9 pm Live
Tuesday, March 31 10 pm - 12 am Delayed

CBS Sports Broadcast Times Live or Taped Delayed
Saturday, April 4 12:30 pm - 3 pm Live
Sunday, April 5 1 pm - 3 pm Live

Graf_sampras said...

oh the miami masters of course offers the live matches on their player - for a fee. maybe that's the idea. force people to pay directly to miami masters if they want to watch ...along with sharing proceeds with FSN when they come on april

Graf_sampras said...

by the way Andy Roddick is up tonight

Karen said...

Great write up about your girl Craig by Steve

Jason said...

Who runs these tours. Indian Wells and Miami are the 5th and 6th grandslam, why does coverage begin from the 3rd round. Upsets have occurred, younger and upcoming players have made their mark without anybody to see them. A shame.

Savannah said...

WTA coverage doesn't start until March 30.
ATP starts tomorrow.

oddman said...

Boy, upsets and some beatdowns too. Andy Roddick and Jo Wilfried Tsonga dropped the hammer on their opponents. What's up with Marcos B these days? Is he still having back trouble? I think Lleyton is a gone goose these days too.

Yay tennis!

elagio said...

I was really angry that FSN was broadcasting Indian Wells mostly, but not the semis and the finals! or at least not live. I don't even need to mention how retarded that is, but I will anyway...this is retarded ! :)

dapxin said...

folks, there'll most probably be livestream links coming up here later today for the wta event.

If you need any help, I am almost always in the forums, and I ll be watching the games I watch there.

Hımm nice! said...

You can watch it from the official broadcastor of ATP :

Karen said...

Ted Robinson just said that as a result of Sharapova and Justine not playing, it has paved the way for Serena to dominate the tour. I wish Lindsay had used the opportunity to point out to him that Sharapova has not beat Serena in 5 years and that Justine won 2 games in her almost last match.

Craig Hickman said...

Karen, where are you watching?

Karen said...

FSN on Dish Network - Ch 418

dapxin said...


laugh that off, tell yourself, the chap must be an ignorant n00b.


phone him up to ask if the choice of "dominate" was a little slip.

Karen said...

And even when we do get coverage of women's tennis we still have to switch to watch people like John Isner - Serena gets no love. This is the No. 1 women's player in the world, the defending champion and she still cannot get to have her match shown in its entirety. We have to listen to these idiots extoll the virtues of John Isner.

Karen said...

@daxpin, I think I have complained so much about Ted Robinson and Gimelslob that I have now resigned myself to the fact that I will be left with these 2 idiots for some time. Thank God for the mute button.

Anthony C. said...

I'm watching girl's high school basketball on Fox Sports Net Northwest right now instead of tennis. I'm quite upset.

Karen said...

is it me or does Miami seem to be more well attended than IW

Savannah said...

Serena's match got televised here in NYC!

As for attendance at IW vs attendance in Miami it always looks that way but somehow IW's always manages to say it set new attendance records.

tangerine said...

Remember only a few short years ago how everybody used to bitterly complain about ESPN's coverage (which was never that bad to begin with)? And they constantly whined that ESPN shouldn't cover tennis?

Always be careful what you wish for.

What's also disgraceful is how tennis fans are being forced to pay for matches via one of the worst quality livestreams I've ever seen (not to mention utterly horrific commentating by amateurs who don't know what they're talking about).

Why do tennis fans have to pay for their sport while everybody else gets to watch college basketball and bass fishing for free?

The fact that tennis has now been forced onto the internet and away from television is alarming. How exactly does this grow the sport of tennis in the U.S. by not making it available to the casual sports fan on TV? They are not going to go out of their way to watch a tennis match. Only diehards do that. And even as a diehard I absolutely refuse to pay for the "priviledge" of watching tennis matches on the internet, not during a recession, and not when the money is good. No way, no how.

dwarbu said...

i have attended both tournys and Miami is soooo much better. IW is nowheresville and alot of half dead republican golf retirees. Miami crowd is much more spicy and diverse and. Not sure which is better attended?

Agreed the coverage is crap. I get FSN but the picture is terrible on all my sets, not sure why its all fuzzy and unclear.

Karen said...

Just last week I recalled watching women's matches (when they did show them) and the stands were almost empty. The same thing was also said by fans who attended the event. Today's first match on Stadium court was Serena and the place was already full (sorry, I think Verdasco played before Serena), but people still stayed for the Serena match. Just bizarre.

Craig Hickman said...

My local comcast station is now showing Isner/Ferrer on tape delay, while Venus is playing live.

I'm nothing short of shocked.

Karen said...

@Craig, I am absolutely beyond shocked at this moment. Everyone and their mother is up in arms trying to figure out what the heck is going on. Usually you can get live streams where you can see matches etc, for the past 2 weeks everybody's live stream has not only been blocked but even where you are supposed to see tennis, there is just no women's tennis. It is absolutely bizarre - and that match between Isner and Ferrer is the most boring thing you could ever want to watch.

dapxin said...

oh well well, there are no livestreams even on my ever so dependable myp2p.

Does it mean, this game is NOT on any decent satellite tv ?

I dont get it, isnt miami supposed to be in florida - a relatively tech place in the US ?

JerryZ said...

Try, it is a website that aggregate live stream for different TV programs and sporting events. I have been glued to the front of my PC all day today watching live feed of Miami Master :)

Graf_sampras said...

First of all -- THANKS to all of you that provided us some links for livestreaming...

I hope some are "free", hehe, because i am too poor to afford paying for the official ATP


anyway -- what is obvious here, everyone take note:

since it is about money....clearly the ATP or MIAMI in particular have developed some system in which they tighten the coverage in the location so that

internet free livestreamings are curtailed. it's their right of course and that's how the business side works.

this is basically the equivalent of - in the music industry - the recording corporations do what they can and need to do to protect their profits by disallowing any internet peer -to - peer downloads...

after all it is about "control of access" the the "material" it tennis and sports or music.

do people remember? this is Corporatism at work, folks....even as people everywhere are using their imaginations to get around IT.

the idea of course is:

"IF YOU WANT TO WATCH TENNIS..if you want to be a must PAY".

Graf_sampras said...

Thank you so much JerryZ and Dapxin

for your links. I am able to catch the del potro right now - free...thanks to you. hehe.

i will try the other link by dapxin next day also and at least have another option .

usually i have the SOPCAST (which has the same channels that go with channelsurfing) that shows espn stuff (and this is where I suspect that the tournaments are probably getting more "strict" about who brings in videos that can be "streamlined" free online..

I really appreciate your giving us links this way.

Graf_sampras said...

aren't both vassallo-arguello and del potro brazilians? or one is argentinian?

such beautiful names, aren't they?.

when you sound them out -- it is like savoring nice tasting food. lol.

Graf_sampras said...

not to "go off topic" because we are trying to watch the games....

but response to everyone's comments here, especially by Savannah about being forced to pay...

think about it folks:

the copyright. the tournaments OWN ...and it's about "copyright" of "images and sounds"...

that's how corporations work.

but the real point here is:

the INTERNET is LIKE the airwaves - they are PUBLIC heritage for the entire world...

and the internet as an "invention" or creation was actually created by PUBLIC FUNDS - first proposed by a scientist (an american i believe) in a public forum in switzerland - for the purpose of making connections for public utilities ...and then it grew out of there.

either way -- this is a case of the corporations - like in the airwaves - having started by being ALLOWED by governments (who supposedly represent the public interest) to "use" PUBLIC "highways" -

have gradually tried to "own" what is really NOT THEIRS - not PRIVATE PROPERTY, in other words...

one of their attempts is of course that one in the US congress where corporations wanted to be able to "charge" "premium highway" fees - IN ADDITION to their usual fees for membership for their products -

and in effect decide what, how, which, what quality, what content they ALLOW the PUBLIC to recieve:

Those that can AFFORD get more, those that are poor --- sorry.

and in effect they want to take over as "gatekeepers" of the PUBLIC HIGHWAY .

this is what is happening folks.

this is why the CORPORATION :"the entity that has all the rights and privileges of a human being but little or NONE of the responsibilites" -- is, imo, perhaps the most DANGEROUS and harmful "invention" ever realized by mankind.

Abraham lincoln should NEVER have been part of its creation...because this is HOW our rights have been "commodified" while being denied to US

USING OUR OWN common heritages - such as AIR, WATER, AIRwaves, Internet,, etc. etc. etc.

we may only be talking about getting frustrated about tennis - pay or no pay to watch....

but this, in essence is what it's all about>

PRIVATE ENTITIES OWNING PUBLIC common heritage with the power to choose and deny and "allow" our usage of what we - collectively as human beings OWN .

and you can THANK abraham lincoln and the fancy lawyers around him and before him for creating and "institutionalizing" the CONCEPT of

THE CORPORATION for private profit.

even HE realized the TERRIBLE consequences of what he had helped unleash - after it was already "made into a PERSON" by some judge in some small court case.

dapxin said...

I am so hurt not to see this games. so hurt!