Thursday, March 19, 2009

Drive By

Andy the Younger beats Ljube in straights.
Daddy to Be beats Hot Sauce in three.
Andy the Elder beats Djoke in three.
Superman beats Gutless in straights.


Mad Professah said...

Agreed! Here's hoping for a Rafa-Raja showdown!

oddman said...

I think Nando has something to say this tourney.

Warrior 'do, maybe warrior heart too?

Vamos, Nando!

rabbit said...

Yeah, I am tense about this match, oddman. Come on, Roger!

Pamela said...

lol@the names we call them

I think Nando will keep Roger from winning his first title of 2009.

royce said...

Come on Hot Sauce.
Wouldn't it be something if Nando and Ana won, being exes and all?

ceruleanxstar said...

But if Nando and Ana both lost, maybe they could bond over another point of common misery, being exes and all ;)

Reem said...

You were right. Andy the elder beat Djoko, but it was a pretty routine straight sets win. Djokovic barely fought back at all. Roddick is doing really well this week. Lets see what happens if he faces Rafa in the semis.

Michael said...

Nice picks! Glad you're not in my NCAA tournament pool.