Wednesday, March 18, 2009



I fully expected David Ferrer to win that match. I only had hope for Andy Roddick after he held is first three service games. I can't remember the last time he did that against Ferrer. He's lost to the Spaniard three times in a row, and four of the last five.

There was nothing between them. And that's not just a figure of speech. Their stats were virtually the same. Both players used the entire court and struck shots that would elicit loud are you kidding me?'s from a certain ESPN commentator when his favorite player struck them. Ferrer has found his form again. All he needs is confidence.

Andy has now won two of the three best matches I've seen so far at this event.


tangerine said...

Too much negative energy emanating from Andy tonight. I should be thrilled that he finally defeated one of his bogeymen (Ferrer) but instead I feel aggravated. Normally I find Andy's outbursts/chair umpire abuse entertaining but not tonight. He was under a lot of pressure to beat David and you could feel it. He took his frustrations out on everybody except himself. Finally, finally, he screwed his head on straight and played much better in the third set. Hopefully this win will put him in a better frame of mind. And he simply must play better when he faces Djokovic in the QFs. Novak is peaking and will want his revenge.

I can't stay up to watch Rafa tonight, my eyes are bleary. I hope he wins. Good luck to Rafa!

Beth said...

Anybody see the Rafa match? I couldn't stay up either. I just read post match report and it sounds like the second set was the one to see. How come Tennis Channel is not covering this? ESPN has spotty coverage too. I have TennisTV (formerly ATP Masters TV) but I just couldn't stay up to see it....damn. I'm glad he prevailed but would have loved to have seen that second set.

Beth said...

I am so glad for Andy. I wish I had stayed up to watch that match but just couldn't. I had a feeling it could be close although I, too, expected Ferrer to take. I cannot wait to see Andy vs. Djokivic. I really hope that Andy finds a way to make it happen.

Anybody's thoughts on the Federer/Verdasco match tonight?

Craig Hickman said...

tangerine, Andy's negativity seems to attract bad luck for himself on the big points. He was being a royal ass in the second set, but at least he didn't call that umpire out of his name. To screw his head on straight and take the match in the third was a huge mental victory for him.

I think Djoke will have to play better to beat Andy. Or put another way, Djoke won't be able to afford a walkabout in the second set either. Djoke may want revenge, but Andy may want to punish Djoke for retiring in the semifinal of a Slam.

What I like is that Andy has a clear game plan in each match he plays now. I've never seen him walk off so many points, and take his time between points on his serve. I'm sure Larry gets credit for that.