Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Isner All That?


Well, he upset Marat Safin in routine straights anyway. 6-4, 6-4. John Isner read the Russian's serve like large print. I don't know that I've ever seen him return so well. While he's inconsistent off the ground, when he connects, he connects. And MMT would probably find something to like about his volleys. For a giant, he hits a low half-volley quite well.

This match indicates why I think Isner could be good at Davis Cup in the future. He enjoys the big occasions. He eats up the atmosphere like a hungry man and it feeds his tennis well.

The first American into the final 16. At No. 147, the lowest-ranked player remaining in the draw.



oddman said...

I saw some interview with him last year, perhaps it was at one of leadup tournies to the USO, and yes, he seemed hungry indeed. I rather like him, even though he reminds me of a galloping newborn giraffe when he moves.

MMT said...

Isner's got about 9 inches on a newborn giraffe...but seriously,

I'm happy for him and I do like his willingness, indeed desire, to come forward. Although his groundstrokes are woefully inconsistent, when he does concentrate on staying in the points he can be very difficult indeed. He took a set off of Federer in 2007 at the US Open when nobody else in the field could(including Roddick and Djokovic) so there is potential there.

Since Roddick isn't getting any younger, and Blake and Fish are fool's gold, I agree with the prediction that he'll play Davis Cup soon.

Graf_sampras said...

I like Isner too.

but one thing that made me like him:

when he had a big splash the other year -- with significant wins to show himself as a "new face".......i read that the first thing he did after the match was to phone and talk to former old teacher in his hometown....and thank HER for teaching him and getting him into tennis.....and she is an old lady in her 80's.