Monday, March 16, 2009

Quote For The Day II

"If the model for the modern game is going to be Federer and his stylish virtuosity, Gasquet or Murray would be the logical heirs—for the moment, Murray is well ahead in that race. But Verdasco's rise makes it seem like there will be an alternative model based on Nadal. Their power and tirelessness are a tough combination for the virtuosos to match, as Verdasco showed when he ended Murray's run at the Australian Open."--Steve Tignor

(I, for one, would like to see the two Fernandos play the quarterfinal, but that's me.)

(Thanks, HoiHa)


Thuto said...

I totally love this new improved Nando. I'm still deciding on what i love more though - his game or that

oddman said...

I love what Nando's done too. That AO semi was something else - nervewracking at least, for a Rafa fan! But very good. Still loving the staredowns they were giving each other.
Nando's looks do nothing for me, however. Meh.
Everybody watch out, Verdasco means business and is hungry.

rabbit said...

I still haven't seen this new Verdasco play. Looking forward to the match with Roger, if it happens.

Beth said...

The two Nandos playing would totally ROCK!