Monday, March 16, 2009

Shaking Pom Poms

Doug Adler and Robbie Koenig are shaking pom poms today. Andy Murray is on court against Paul-Henri Mathieu, and the world news feed commentators sound as though they're competing for a big cheerleading award. Not that you were wondering, but Mathieu isn't on their team.

Adler has just invoked the grace of god.


rabbit said...

Yeah, normally the commentators are very pro-Federer but even that vanishes when Andy is on the other side...

Helen W said...

... if the player is Brit.

I have written to ATP Masters Series TV (and whatever it's morphed into) countless times asking that the commentary be less partisan. It falls on deaf ears.

Pamela said...

Maybe it's just me, but I'm so annoyed with the lack of WTA coverage. Angela Haynes looks to be well on her way to taking the first set off of Flavia Pennetta.

She could be the local girl/feel good story of the tournament, and we'd never know.

Fawning over Andy? What's new?

Craig Hickman said...

Pamela, the WTA product is so bad, the WTA isn't buying rights to air these events.

Can't blame the networks for this.

Helen W, ATP Masters Series TV buys rights for the world news feed. They have zero control over the commentators.

HoiHa said...

I have to listen to these morons in Asia for all tennis but the slams (we get Vijay Armitraj then who I quite enjoy) - the fawning over Murray makes watching his matches unbearable.

I just wish I understood what it is Murray has I am apparently not seeing?

Karen said...

HoiHa, I am still waiting to see what Murray has to offer as well. I am sorry but he just does not do it for me. I must not know tennis very well. LOL

Thuto said...

Commentators fawn over every new kid on the block- though he isn't really new, whats new is his improved game. Their attention span is as short a child's. Note how they were all over Nole.

They already act as if Murray is of the same calibre as Rafa and Federer. Yea im in asia too and we have to listen to this guys go on and on (except in GS). It sucks.

And wait, why isn't any WTA match shown here?

HoiHa said...

Thuto and Karen I am with you. Just finished reading a great take on the Verdasco Gasquet match by Tignor over on What I found really interesting was his last 3 paras, especially the following:

"If the model for the modern game is going to be Federer and his stylish virtuosity, Gasquet or Murray would be the logical heirs—for the moment, Murray is well ahead in that race. But Verdasco's rise makes it seem like there will be an alternative model based on Nadal. Their power and tirelessness are a tough combination for the virtuosos to match, as Verdasco showed when he ended Murray's run at the Australian Open."