Thursday, April 16, 2009

Andy Roddick To Wed This Weekend

I'll source People magazine for this, because, oh, mercy, mercy me, whenever else and I'm going to source People magazine?

Tennis champ Andy Roddick will marry his fiancée, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker, this weekend, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

Roddick, 26, and Decker, 21, plan to celebrate the nuptials with two days of festivities near Roddick's Austin, Texas, home. "They wanted to keep it local," the source says. And very private. The pared-down guest lists includes mostly family and a few close friends of the pair, who met when Roddick spotted Decker in a magazine and asked his agent to find her number.

But part of the celebration is already in full swing. This past weekend, the festivities kicked off with a bachelorette party in Decker's native North Carolina, and included her bridesmaids, including fellow S.I. model Julie Henderson.

Of their then yearlong courtship, Decker told PEOPLE last May, "I was stalked. He'll tell you that," she joked. But "it was charming. He was charming. Eventually, I fell for it, and five months later I called him back and that was that."

She added that planning for her wedding was surprisingly fun: "This has been the happiest time. I'm very much a tomboy and this is being a total girl, being with my friends and my mom. We're shopping for a dress right now."

Roddick has also expressed his excitement. "We feel lucky to have found one another," Roddick told PEOPLE last March, after he had popped the question to his girlfriend, and even joked of her Tiffany engagement ring: "I got it in a gumball machine."

(Thanks, Graf_Sampras)


Beth said...

Wow, hope it happens as stated. Good for them! They seem like a nice couple. :-)

Graf_sampras said...

i think that's GREAT for andy too that he's decided on this. whatever the effects of marriage to professions, like in sports, surely Andy is mature enough to handle it WELL as he has all kinds of what should be "distracting" or de-motivating things in his profession itself.

great pic that Craighickman posted!


Graf_sampras said...

and also -- THIS is the good time to do it - during the clay season while andy is not as active anyway and at least he can focus on adjusting to married life without too many concerns about the tournaments for the next 2 weeks.

VERY good decision, i thought , from both of them.

and i am sure that Beth knows and understands this in his schedule.

that's a mark of good support that he will need....just like ROger has from Mirka...and long ago, pete had from Bridgette.

Married life (supposing only without the baby yet) - does not have to be a distraction. it can be a source of GREAT support and comfort and confidence for a player if the spouse gives it fully in what they know is a profession that can be shortlived.

this is what andy needs, imo. something he can call TRULY his OWN life.

Graf_sampras said...

Bridgette wilsone once told sampras when pete was really down and out and everyone calling for him to go away:
"PETE -- i will support you in EVERYTHING that you do...but Promise me ONE thing...that you will go out on YOUR own terms".

for ANDY -- it can also be similar, like with Roger...

"I WILL SUPPORT YOU in everything...but promise that you will do it all on your own terms".

because that is called LOVE.

Graf_sampras said...

i happened to read some article by psychologists on men and women:

it said about men:

"if a man has THICK UPPER lips - great chances that he will be a very good lover".


Graf_sampras said...

and Beth could sure make sushi out of Andy's upper lips. lol.