Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here Comes The Rain Again...

When tournament officials had to re-schedule the order of play today because of the massive rain delay, when they knew the weather would break for two good hours, if that, between 3 pm and 5 pm Roquebrune-Cap-Martin time, the reigning world No. 1 and four-time defending champion should have been first up on Court Central, whether he requested it or not.



Helen W said...

So when was the last time that Roger did not get preferential treatment? The tournament directors seem to shower it down upon him, time after time.

Helen W said...

So here is the Order of Play for tomorrow. Note that first up in Center Court if Rafa vs Lapentti. The winner of said match gets to play another match on Center Court, after the Djokovic-Verdasco match & the Beck-Wawrinka match.

How fair is this? Sometimes it's hard not to believe that:

(a) the tournaments give Roger every possible benefit, and

(b) they give Rafa every possible obstacle.

Beth said...

All I can say is it SUCKS.

oddman said...

F'ing typical and why am I not surprised.

It f'ing sucks.

And.. because he's 'superhuman', and 'an animal' on the clay, he'll be expected to easily win two matches tomorrow, no doubt.


tennisfan2 said...

agree, agree, agree, agree, agree. The preferential treatment afforded the FORMER #1 play over the NUMBER 1 PLAYER IN THE WORD AND 4 TIME AND CURRENT MC CHAMPION is absolutely disgusting. SHAME ON THEM.