Friday, April 17, 2009

Serena's Jewelry

I wasn't aware of this appearance this morning on the Today Show. I need to pay closer attention to my media alerts.

(Thanks, Aaress)


em said...

Hey Craig,
That was a fun interview
If Serena's ever comes to Maine, to do a benefit game or anything, I would love to go and see her in person.

I enjoyed watching them practice
Had forgotten what it "feels like", to practice, say at the back board, for hours on end, just on the serve.
Never say never, yes

Lover her jewlery also
Must be feeling better

Did you notice what she said about look good, feel good...... just another coincidence, no?


I am trying to write but the flow is too steady, too many topics appear urgent, need a 24 hr vacation


Graf_sampras said...

STAN has a JEWEL -- deep in his heart...scratched with

'R , you made me love you...i didn't wanna do it, i didn't wanna do it....'