Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sleep Deprived

I had to catch up on some much-needed sleep today, so I missed all the matches in Monte-Carlo, save the final few games of the Lleyton Hewitt and Marat Safin encounter.

I'm sure Pamela is thrilled with the result.

Share what you saw in the comments if you saw anything at all.


tangerine said...

I missed a lot of the matches too but I've found the only thing worth watching was this:



Karen said...

Is it me or can someone tell me why I have this deep-seated dislike for Andy Murray? I just cannot stand the fellow - media spin notwithstanding. He just does absolutely nothing for me. Phewt. Saw the end of the first set and all of the second set of the Simon match and let me tell you - I cheered on Beck after every point. Now that is another player I just cannot stand (Simon that is). I just do not particularly care for his style of tennis (keep the ball in play). It was the same feeling I got watching Hewitt on Sunday - just boring tennis. Hewitt's backhand looks like it takes a lot of effort and that grunt has got to go. Clearly, I am already fed up of tennis, maybe because I am breaking my promise and watching the darned thing (men's tennis) even though I said I had stopped watching it. Ah well.

Karen said...

Craig, whatever happened to Tuesday Tirade?

Pamela said...

Oh, I am beyond thrilled. Marat played well and moved well. He was even keeled, which is always a positive sign. I won't get too excited, but I'm always hopeful he'll win a few matches in a row when he's calm and focused.

Karen, I don't like Simon either. He's a super pusher and that's it. Nice personality though.

The timing for this tournament is difficult for me to watch right now. People actually expect me to do work in the mornings. lol

Craig Hickman said...

Karen, I don't know what happened to Tuesday Tirade. But you just provided one, so I guess we still have it. :)

vw said...

Karen, I cannot stand that guy. He is humorless, thinks he's hot stuff, and has a whiff of arrogance. He's already vowed to be # 1 by December according to the Daily Record of Scotland. PR firm is really pushing him as is Goodall, Gimelstob, Koenig, etc etc.

Karen said...

@Craig - you are too funny - Tuesday Tirade indeed.
@Pamela - yesterday morning I was awake at about 2:30 in the morning because my son had been in a motor vehicle accident (he had taken my car to go clubbing and collided with someone - everyone is fine but he was not at fault). Anyway, after taking a look at my car and the damage, I just took a shower, had a cup of coffee and lay down in the couch and tried to watch tennis yesterday. The matches were a bit boring, except for Vliegen doing the racquet thing and I was mostly asleep while the matches were being played. Yesterday was a public holiday in the Caribbean.

Karen said...

This morning I was watching his match and to hear the commentators talk about Hanescu you would think that he was some kind of wunderkind on clay and that Andy would have all sorts of trouble. Then they started talking about how Murray was the No. 2 player and all sorts of stuff, which really annoyed me somewhat, plus he is so white. Get a tan. For someone who spends so much time in the sun, the fellow is as white as pigeon sh*t and those teeth have got to go

Matthew said...

He's Scottish! As a Scotsman myself (well, my last name is Laird) I can say that no matter what we do, we will always be pale and grumpy-looking. Also, I think it's too late to do anything about his teeth.

I was shocked to see Monfils and Simon go down in their first matches, today! And Gasquet and Tsonga both pulled out ahead of the tournament... This does not bode well for the home-town chances at the French Open this year.

Karen said...

@Matthew - I work with 2 Scottish guys and they tan really well and they are not very grumpy - LOL - we actually call one of them Grumpy because he always looks like he is upset at the world

oddman said...

Achh! Leave over him, Karen, the boy's from Scotland. He'll never tan right - just burn and peel and burn and peel. And those teeth? Just proves he's British, yes? (I know, that's mean, lol)

I find I don't mind Andy Murray lately. Last year he bugged me, but he's seemed to have toned down his grumpy-git act. And he's not the one lauding his accomplishments at all - get angry at the British commies, if you have to channel some anger - they're building him up so friggin' high, it's embarassing. According to them, he's going to do what Rafa did last year, win the FO and Wimbledon both. (rolls eyes)

oddman said...

'Manky Scots git' anyway, that Murray. LOL

(for all you Monty Python lovers out there)

Graf_sampras said...

I'm OK with Murray actually .

whatever his personal quirks -- they are no worse really than other players' own idiosynchrasies.

let's remember that most of them -- who are in the first parts of their careers -- are also young people who just happen to be flushed forward into the spotlight from following what they like to do -- and then whatever the expectations, demands , or supposed "etiquettes" or norms of behavior - they can only be who they are.

and part of that is being excited , nervous, doing or saying something typically youthful with bravado , brashness, petulance, temperamental, and all that.

let's remember -- rich and successful and celebrated as they are - they ARE young people prone to mouthing off in one way or another.

remember how serena , after winning wimbledon..on the way to the champions' ball .. passed by a mirror and saw herself and said:

"I saw myself on the mirror and said: WOW"!!!



for better or worse - that's just an example of youthful energy, being "full of myself", being wrapped with whatever it is they do "so well"....as if the world is built around them in those moments.

murray is no different.

and rather than the RULE -- it is an exception in that business of celebrity (considering that they DO work very hard at it and have to give up many "normal" things for teens and young people - to go to sleep, train, etc..) that elders would be able to consistently "watch over" what the "kids" say when left to their own devices to speak.

and THEN -- they'll say what's REALLY on their minds ..or we see it in their swagger.

that's murray, imo.

I kind of begin to "like" him , actually.

Reem said...

Hey Craig. I watched most of the matches today since European timing works perfect for me given that am in Cairo.

The highlights of the day were basically Berdych acting like Roger Federer and missing easy forehands to simply throw the match away, but some credit must go to Fognini for not losing focus at all in the 2nd and 3rd sets where he played some real impressive shots. But all in all it was just another below-par performance from the underachieving Berdych.

Simon was utter crap against Beck, it really was as bad as the scoreline. He didn't play at all.

Djokovic and Murray were impressive and dominant. I thought Murray might struggle when he was broken in his opening service game but he instantly recovered.

Safin beat Hewitt but he could have done way better since Hewitt was clearly struggling from fatigue (poor guy arrived 2 hours before the match). There was plenty of those annoying Safin misses but there were also glimpses of those genius down the line backhands. Actually both players had some nice backhand rallies.

Well the rest you can figure out from the scorelines.


Craig Hickman said...

Reem, thanks for the summary. I haven't seen your comments before, so welcome and stick around.

Reem said...

anytime Craig. I'll be around fo sho...

Karen said...

Craig, please check your email. Something coming from me

Graf_sampras said...

Hi Reem. welcome...

please note that I am famous as the "roger-dissing TROLL".

and Craighickman , Karen and everyone are very patient..because I never grow up...and i don't want to..


Graf_sampras said...

Safin beat Hewitt but he could have done way better since Hewitt was clearly struggling from fatigue (poor guy arrived 2 hours before the match).


Hewitt's predicament i KNOW very well...because many years ago -- i had to play a piano concert in Sicily and arrived (from a loooong flight, straight to a change plane from rome, quickly hop on a "province" bus for a 4 hour ride south , arrive unshaven, sleepless, foodless, hauling a suitcase of mostly books, get to the concert place, wash my face no shave, go onstage and .......... walk on the stage that's 2 inches sloping forward , find the piano so stiff-actioned and play under the hot TV lights.

it was really a competition festival and judges asked me if i wanted to reschedule and play "tomorrow" -- but I said "no, it's unfair to the others and i just want it over with"..i think i placed six or fifth out of 60 people. lol. a bit disastrous but survived the "trip" nicely. lol.

that's what hewitt would feel like.


HoiHa said...

Karen I am soo with you on Murray - I dislike him to such a degree I have found myself trying to analyse what it is about him that so raises my hackles ... I cannot really say - everything he seems to do just irks me. I think part of it is I am just not seeing his game - and everytime the draws come out I blanch cause, while he might be a Scot, he's got the luck o' the Irish when it comes to his draws, especially in the Masters events.

I guess it's partly the overdone hype, his extreme arrogance, and partly cause his tennis is generally horrible to watch - I never ever seem to see players beat him as much as they beat themselves when they play him - and I know that's his style but it makes for frustrating viewing.

Half the time I find myself saying "I don't mind if my favourites don't win as long as Murray loses ..." Pathetic, huh ..(smile).

Karen said...

@Hoiha, you have said it better than I ever could. I like players who take chances. I like that they go out there and do the thing and win or lose they made the effort to go after their shots. Like you said his game is to force other players to go for their shots etc, but I just call it lazy tennis as there is minimal effort into making someone else make an error. As someone who plays tennis, I can tell you that it is a game of errors, forced or unforced as it is a case of someone with a racquet hitting a little yellow ball.

Karen said...

I am watching the Seppi/Federer match and man that was a beautiful point played by Roger - you saw every single aspect of the game in that rally. Slices, top spin, flat shots, - lovely passing shot by Seppi on that particular point. Very good match so far. Which is perhaps why most players say they love to watch him play. He makes the game beautiful so they try and beat him with ugly tennis. LOL

oddman said...

Ugly tennis. Beautiful tennis. So, when you lose a match, but you played beautiful tennis, Karen, you must not mind losing? You still lost.

Helen W said...

If I were primarily interested in sheer grace of movement when watching a sport, I would choose gymnastics or figure skating.

But I much prefer tennis, because to me, the combination of sheer ahtleticism and competition is far more compelling and emotionally engaging.

Beauty, after all, is in the eye of the beholder.

Karen said...

@Oddman, no, I do not mind if I play really good tennis and I lose, but by the same token, if you are playing beautiful tennis, which is pleasing to look at, then it means that you are hitting your shots in the right places etc. It is not only about aesthetics. Beautiful tennis can mean so many things to so many people. If for instance you are watching a match where every single time someone plays the ball it is an error, that is ugly tennis. If however, you watch a match, like the complete match of Serena v Sharapova AO2007, when at the end of the match Serena had made 10 errors as against 30 winners - that is someone playing beautiful, artful tennis.
@HelenW - you can play strong, aggressive, sweaty tennis and it can still be beautiful. Take a look at Venus at Wimbledon. She moves fluidly across the grass, she serves well, she mixes up her shots, she cuts down on the errors. Beautiful tennis. I have heard many commentators say that there is nothing better to watch than seeing Venus Williams in a white dress, with those long dark legs moving across the green grass of Wimbledon. That is beautiful. Yet, you will find that some people still do not like her tennis because they consider it to be ugly. I guess you are right - it is a matter of aesthetics and what you perceive to be beautiful

Reem said...

@ Graf_sampras said...

Hi Reem. welcome...
please note that I am famous as the "roger-dissing TROLL".

Hi Graf_sampras... dissing Federer works for me :) Am far from being a Federer kinda gal !!