Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 6: Dutch Weather

Dutch weather by momono.

Not the climate, but the tennis reminded me of the cool, damp, soggy, drizzly, overcast, gloomy weather so often present in the Netherlands, a friend of mine said the whole country should be covered. Like a greenhouse. Or the newly-designed Centre Court at SW19. (I can hardly wait!)

The Dutch call such weather kut weer (pronounced something like "koot veer" in English). I'm not going to translate cut (it's not nice), but weer means weather.

Not nice weather.

Between Janko Tipsarevic's frailty, Venus Williams' lethargy, Dinara Safina's mediocrity, Rafael Nadal's predictability, and Maria Sharapova and Michelle Larcher de Brito's cacophony, there was no sun on the court, even though it shone brightly in the sky.

I hear Carla Suarez Navarro's backhand was giving a petulant Victoria Azarenka fits before the Belarusian-American was coached from the stands to hit drop shots, but I didn't get to see any of that because I don't get ESPN360 in Maine and ESPN2 refuses to show live tennis on TV after a certain hour.

I hope the sun will come out tomorrow.


Matthew said...

Safina's mediocrity? I'm going to need a little bit of explanation on that, Craig. She won 2 and love, she served at 71%, and she made 19 winners to 9 unforced errors.

Granted, I didn't see the match, but when somebody wins in such a dominant fashion, you can't just call it "mediocre" without comment!

sG said...

Aw, poor Craig. Well, Serena plays tomorrow -- that should brighten your day.

As for Safina -- :shrug: I'm glad to see her bulldozing her way through her rounds like a champion. I don't think she's faced the toughest clay courters yet but a beatdown is a beatdown.

Craig Hickman said...

Matthew, I saw the match and I thought she and it were mediocre.

The scoreline may have been 2 and love, but it wasn't exactly a beatdown.

Some of those games went to 7 deuces.

Stats never tell the entire story.


Ana Ivanovic beat down her opponent, though.

She seems to have come alive in Paris again. Her ball toss is a mess, but the rest of her game is clicking. Based on what I've seen of her and Safina so far, if they play the semifinal, Ivanovic will win comfortably.