Friday, June 26, 2009

Wimbledon 2009 Day 5 Open Thread

WIMBLEDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 25:  Spectators enjoy champagne on Day Four of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on June 25, 2009 in London, England.

I'm looking forward to Victoria Azarenka play Sorana Cirstea on Centre Court. At least this Court 2 isn't the Graveyard of Champions
, that would be Court 3 where no former champions are on the slate, so Serena Williams should be all right against Roberta Vinci in the brand new facility. Provided, of course, she's not mourning. What will Mardy Fish bring to Centre Court against Novak Djokovic? He'll have no better chance to knock off a top seed at a Slam.

Anybody see any upsets?
I see three, but I'm hoping for eight. I'm naughty.

Friday Order Of Play


1. Philipp Kohlschreiber (GER) [27] 121 vs Roger Federer (SUI) [2] 128
2. Victoria Azarenka (BLR) [8] 97 vs Sorana Cirstea (ROU) [28] 104
3. Mardy Fish (USA) [28] 89 vs Novak Djokovic (SRB) [4] 96


1. Regina Kulikova (RUS) 92 vs Elena Dementieva (RUS) [4] 96
2. Ivo Karlovic (CRO) [22] 105 vs Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (FRA) [9] 112
3. Tommy Haas (GER) [24] 73 vs Marin Cilic (CRO) [11] 80


1. Roberta Vinci (ITA) 123 vs Serena Williams (USA) [2] 128
2. Vera Zvonareva (RUS) [7] 65 vs Virginie Razzano (FRA) [26] 72
3. Fernando Verdasco (ESP) [7] 97 vs Albert Montanes (ESP) [32] 104


1. Robin Soderling (SWE) [13] 113 vs Nicolas Almagro (ESP) 117
2. Gisela Dulko (ARG) 107 vs Nadia Petrova (RUS) [10] 112
3. Tommy Robredo (ESP) [15] 81 vs Dudi Sela (ISR) 85


1. Daniela Hantuchova (SVK) 115 vs Ai Sugiyama (JPN) 119
2. Dominika Cibulkova (SVK) [14] 81 vs Elena Vesnina (RUS) 86
3. Francesca Schiavone (ITA) 74 vs Marion Bartoli (FRA) [12] 80
4. Andreas Seppi (ITA) 66 vs Igor Andreev (RUS) [29] 72


pompelmo said...

Kohlschreiber, Karlovic, Haas, Dulko.

Matt said...

Hi Craig,

I'm a little confused... What are the numbers after the player's seeding??

oddman said...

Good morning. Can't stay, but enjoy the matches today, everyone. C'mon, Tommy Haas!

Court 3 looks lovely.

Craig Hickman said...

Matt, those are the line numbers from the original PDF of the draws.

Karen said...

this is a really good match with Roger and Kohl. They are really playing the whole court.

pompelmo said...

Vera pulled off :/

Cibulkova can find herself in the top five if the draws continue to help her like this.

Pamela said...

I haven't seen any tennis except a few minutes of this Fed/Khol match but I hope Haas and Tsonga come through.

I did read that it was Serena's 200th main draw grand slam match and her 173rd victory. A win ratio over 80% - very nice.

I hate seeing players play with a defeated look, no matter who they play and Khol even though no one thought he'd trouble Fed, has that "golly gee, whatever can I do?" look out there. Blah ... Fake it!

Too bad about Vera, but when a player says "I wake up every day and wonder can I play" - I wasn't shocked.

Karen said...

OK I can understand the monogram on your clothes etc., but on the bag that you put your racquet in - LMAO - oh Roger you make it so easy for people to make fun of you - I think Roger Federer is now a freaking brand.
@Pamela, I think the look on Kohl's face is that he is doing everything he can do, but he is just being outplayed right now. You want to think that if he has the time to set up for his shots he would have been able to make a match of this. He volleys very well, he has a beautiful backhand, but the rest of his game is just in tatters. That could also be due to the other fellow across the net.

Tennis Vagabond said...

Great looking victory for Serena. Fed looks absolutely magnificent. I've said before, I think Madrid was a return of Fed's game. I don't feel like we saw this Fed in '08. When Kohlschreiber plays a great ball, Fed returns with a miracle. I love seeing the shots you just don't ever see. He's pulled a couple of volleys off his shoelaces that were just amazing.

Last night I had a couple over for dinner- turns out the guy coached Jesse Levine until he went down to the academy in Florida!

T. Vag

Pamela said...

I'm sure Kohl is trying, but my point was about body language. Fake it til you make it. The exasperated sighs, the throwing of hands in the air - it's all fuel to your opponent. No matter who is across the net and the amount of problems they are causing you, unless you are one of those people who play better when you're angry ... it's counter productive and you see it when they miss easy shots.

Karen said...

@Pamela, that is true but sometimes I think it is not so much lack of belief as just getting absolutely frustrated in your game and your inability to take advantage of any opportunties. I saw that yesterday in Venus' match against Bondarenko - no matter what Bondarenko did, Venus had the answer. This morning, the same thing with Vinci and Serena - also seeing it now with Dulko and Petrova.

Pamela said...

True Karen, point taken. Sometimes, there's just nothing you can do. Then again, Khol did just break back and hold and he's looking more positive right now. (of course)

Craig Hickman said...

Tsonga, please get it together. I really don't want to watch Ivo play Raja at Wimbledon ever again.

Helen W said...

So Kohlschreiber pulls out the third set in a tie-break!!! Who'd a thunk it? Glad to see him out there fighting -- finally

Craig Hickman said...

I didn't watch any of the first two sets of Federer/Kohlschreiber, but from what little I've just witnessed, I saw no miracles.

Karen said...

ha Craig, Craig, Craig, I just love you man, just love you

Helen W said...

Craig I'm not expecting any miracles. But like Pamela I just wish Kohlschreiber could lose his hang-dog body language and believe in himself out there.

Anyway, the commies momentary anxiety is now gone as it looks like it's game over.

Matthew said...

Just came out of a meeting at my office - more layoffs today, but I wasn't touched. I guess they didn't notice that I watch tennis score updates on my computer all day.

I don't know how Kohls pulled out that third set tie-break. But there really isn't anybody in Federer's way who will make a dent until the semis at least, is there? Match point!

I'm with you, Craig. I really hope that Tsonga beats Karlovic - he really should.

Helen W said...

C'mon Jo Willi! This one's yours!

Matthew said...

Man, this Karlovic-Tsonga match looks like it's got to be boring.

34 points out of 180 have been won by the returner - 18.9%!

The average for the tournament, thus far, has been 36.88%. That's almost double the number for this match. Are there any rallies at all?

It's times like this I wish I could see average rally length, forced errors, unreturned serves, and any number of other stats posted. Ah well...

Pamela said...

Well .. any thoughts on why Azarenka vs Cirstea made it on to Centre Court? lol Ok, we know why.

Anyway, I haven't warmed up to Azarenka yet. I'm not sure I will. I hope Cirstea wins. They are on serve.

b said...

ANyone watching Cibulkova - Vesnina - great stuff, some amazing rallies.... love Cibulkova

Hope Tsonga figures a way to work out this match

mznblue said...

That was the weirdest celebration I've ever seen.

Not sure how much of a chance Verdasco has against Karlovic.

b said...

Sad results..... I hate to see Cirstea go.... heard the commentators mention that she is still in school full time in Romania - REGULAR SCHOOL - not an athletic academy or homeschooling - and won't be taking her final HS exams until right before the USO...... Which makes her achievements even more impressive.... Azarenka etc are hothoused products and probably haven't sat in a conventional class since elementary school, if at all

Anyway, anyone know why the sisters doubles match is taking so long to start

b said...

Never mind my comment about the doubles

mzn RE:celebration - what happened - I could bear to watch end of the tsonga match - he does not seem to know how to take pace off/play safe shots when he's match point down or approaching it

mznblue said...

b, Ivo confused the tennis court for a night club, and was doing the "whipping" dance move people do on the dance floor (I don't know any other way to describe it). It left the commentators speechless, and the crowd didn't take too well to it.

I thought it was just tasteless.

b said...

@mznblue - thaanks
I'm having trouble picturing Ivo dancing or even this move....
Was it more "exuberant" (right word?) than what you would see from stepanek or monfils
i'm generally quite amused by on-court dancing but will have to wait to see this one.... am curious now

On another note the sisters won the doubles! great match.... I wish doubles was better promoted - the matches are rarely boring and often people seem to be having more fun.... course this all depends on who's playng

Mad Professah said...

yeah..what the f*** was that "whipping move" by Karlovic? Was that directed towards Tsonga??

Karlovic served nearly 50 aces with n average speed approaching 130 mph. I agree that he can take out Verdasco playing like that.

Federer is used to taking out big servers and should have no prob getting thru Dr. Evil in the quarters.

charags said...

Didn't watch any tennis since morning; preparing hard for my exam tomorrow :-(

What happened to Fed in the 3rd set? Fall asleep on center court?

Too bad about Zvonareva, why the walkover? But I'm glad for Razzano.

And finally, any tips for Fish to down Djoker?

Pamela said...

Fish could take out Djokovic, but the errors at the wrong time are his undoing right now. He can serve and volley his way to victory with the right approaches. He's not quite executing.

Dr. Ivo - tasteless? meh .. not so much, but it was kinda funny seeing HIM do it. Tasteless was Monfils egging on the crowd while beating Andy Roddick convincingly.

Anyway .. Bartoli is out, Cibulkova and Dulko are out too. It's been a pretty routine day.

Come on Tommy!!!

Beth said...

I've seen nothing of today's matches. havent' had the chance with work. But even so, my heart is just not in Wimbledon this year. Can't seem to find my mojo.

Anyone see the Tennis Channel interview with Federer on Wed night? It was quite lengthy and I have to say he sounded like a complete gentleman. Interviewed in their studio by Martina and Bill (no upper lip) McAtee (sp?).

They asked about the impending birth of his child and he and Mirka know the sex but they not telling! It was a cute moment in the interview. I do think that him having a child is going to light that little extra fire under his ass to crank out more GS titles. He really seemed to indicate that it would be very meaningful for him to see him child witness him 'chasing history' (his words). If anyone has a chance to see it on Youtube or wherever, it was a good interview.

Results on Santoro vs. Ferrero?

Karen said...

I have to say while the WS were playing doubles (to a packed house), most of the folks had left CC during the Azarenka match. The stands were so empty. Boy, I tell you those 2 are big drawing cards for women's tennis. I mean the stands were jam packed. Cannot believe that Schiavone took out Bartoli - damn

Karen said...

the damn Wimbledon feed has gone and I cannot see this darned match with Haas. You have to give this guy Cilic credit. He is doing very well at least what I can hear from the commentary

Pamela said...

Awesome stuff!!! I really hope that Tommy pulls this off tomorrow.

royce said...

Craig, hoping for the fall of #1 and #2 seeds. I'm really naughty.

MarcusB said...

I'm so pissed off. As of today I will forever more harbour a burning dislike for Ivo Karlovic. This has all the makings for the most anti-climactic Wimbledon I can remember.

Karen said...

Can you imagine if a really way outsider were to win Wimbledon on the men's side. OMG what that would for that person's career. Not only would he have stymied the chances of Federer, he would also kill British hopes of a British winner as well as killed the top 10of the ATP. Man, what a story that would be. I am rooting for Cilic to win. Tommy Haas does not deserve to win this match. He was 2 sets to love up and is now in a fight to the death and what was the argument that he had with his girlfriend during the third set that I heard the commentators discussing?

Craig Hickman said...

Tommy Haas has blown more two-set-to-love leads than any other player on tour.

Matthew may have stats to support or refute my claim, but it sure as hell seems that way.

rabbit said...

Come on, Beth, what were you thinking??! No way are you supposed to watch a Federer interview by yourself! You are supposed to read twisted snippets, blog comments, and remain firm in your belief that he is the most arrogant guy on the planet!

Graf_sampras said...

Karen said...

this is a really good match with Roger and Kohl. They are really playing the whole court.

Fri Jun 26, 08:35:00 AM


Karen - I only saw bits of it - same with other matches before streaming slowed down...

but you are right - this was a GOOD match between Roger and Kolschreiber. CREDIT to roger totally for this win.

Graf_sampras said...

Pamela said...

I'm sure Kohl is trying, but my point was about body language. Fake it til you make it. The exasperated sighs, the throwing of hands in the air - it's all fuel to your opponent. No matter who is across the net and the amount of problems they are causing you, unless you are one of those people who play better when you're angry ... it's counter productive and you see it when they miss easy shots.

Fri Jun 26, 09:28:00 AM


CREDIT To Roger for winning.

and surely Kohlschreiber did what he could. Pamela however makes a very good point. even when you are LOSING it is still BETTER to not show that it really is so bothersome.

partly it is to show to the opponent you are not yet through- he has to take it from you (even if you're in you're last shots) - and for the audience who also depend partly on the player's countenance whether to CONTINUE supporting you as much as you might NEED just enough to "get through" - even if there's a very little chance.

I can say THIS from the standpoint of PERFORMING...since I am a musician -

EVEN IF ONE MAKES MISTAKES ONSTAGE - ONE NEVER makes FACES to show the audience :"OH MY GOOOOOODDDDDDD....i made a mistake">.....

it not only will DISTRACT YOU from paying attention to the MOMENT and shut out EVERYTHING - which can be the thing you need to concentrate better and therefore actually play better as you go also is NOT good for your audience...THEY become UNcomfortable watching YOU SHOW that you are Squirming.

as a teacher of mine said:

"IF YOU are going to make a mistake -- DO IT WITH AUTHORITY!!!"

Graf_sampras said...


and WATCH how he DOES it with FULL CONVICTION!!!

Graf_sampras said...

Andy Murray happy with teatime tussles at Wimbledon
Andy Murray


Murray is third on Centre Court for the third match in succession
Neil Harman, Tennis Correspondent

On the occasion of Andy Murray’s Wimbledon debut — Tuesday, June 21, 2005 against George Bastl on the old No 2 Court — his was the first match on the order of play. It has not happened in his 13 matches in SW19 since, it will not happen again today and quite possibly will not happen for as long as he is keeping the dream alive in this year’s championships.

Does that put the British No 1 at a disadvantage? Does all that hanging around play enough havoc with the mind? Would he not prefer just once to be driven home before the teatime crush (he is taking his driving test next month)? “I’m not really bothered,” Murray, a model of diplomacy, said yesterday. “I quite like playing late in the day. There’s always going to be good crowds the later you play.”

If there is a repeat in the third round today of Murray’s last performance against Viktor Troicki, from Serbia, the schedule ought not to matter. Troicki won a single game in the fourth round of the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, Florida — Murray won the tournament — and he was lucky to get that.

Graf_sampras said...

Troicki, whose parents escaped from Russia as children to build a new life in the Balkans, has a bit of an allergy to grass and the surname of his girlfriend, Sunchica Travica, a Serbian fashion model, translates to “small grass”. On it today, the No 30 seed has not much more than a small chance.
Simon Barnes: my perfect weekend

The Times columnist calls Andy Murray a thing of menace and beauty and fears the worst for the Lions in Pretoria

* Simon Barnes: my perfect weekend

* Simon Barnes: My perfect weekend

* Simon Barnes: My Perfect Weekend

World in motion: Pacquiao a special kind of person

The boxer shows himself to be a humanitarian after bombing and the would-be politican carries clout in and out of the ring

* World in Motion: Eight changes that Ian McGeechan must consider for Lions Test

* World in Motion: will Kim join North Korea squad?

* World in Motion: David Campese shows he still has loudmouth tendencies

Related Links

* Murray can succeed where Henman failed

* Superb Murray breezes into round three

* Andy Murray 009 goes undercover

But it is the continuing lateness of Murray’s matches — playing into the hands of the BBC executives who demand these things — that is most troubling.

Since Roger Federer won the title for the first time in 2003, he has played 38 matches at the All England Club and other than five finals and six traditional year-after curtain-raisers (he replaced the injured Rafael Nadal in kicking off the tournament this year), a further ten have been as first match on the schedule. And Federer has never been forced to play the “second” semi-final since assuming the throne.

Graf_sampras said...

Though it will not matter as much as it used to, with the Centre Court roof in place, the advantages are enormous any time you are first in the queue, with the opportunity to tune your body clock, not have to pace the locker room, juggle practice times and become emotionally embroiled in the match before your own.

If Federer and Murray should reach the semi-finals in their halves, it will be intriguing to see who the committee decides should play first. Murray is nominally the second or third match on the daily schedule, although he has played on Centre Court 12 straight times since the second round against Radek Stepanek, of the Czech Republic, in 2005. In terms of gaining a familiarity with these distinctive surroundings, Murray is being treated an awful lot better than Tim Henman was.

And the conditions on Centre also appear to be favouring him. There have been more complaints, both public and private, about the state of the courts this week than one can remember for years. That they have played slower in the past decade than in the days of whizz-bang serve-and-volley tennis is unquestionable, but when Paul Annacone, who coached Pete Sampras to four of his seven singles titles at Wimbledon, suggests that they are even slower than Roland Garros, note should be taken.

Graf_sampras said...

One coach of a top-ten player, who did not want to be named, mentioned yesterday that there are more dark patches on the courts after a few days’ play than there ought to be. “There was hardly a mark on the courts at Queen’s after a solid week of men’s tennis and here you could see the dirt through the grass on the first day,” he said. Such conditions suit Murray as well as anyone.

All the assistance in the world matters not a jot if your serve is floundering. Murray said last week that he has begun to serve like a grown-up and he is right. “I haven’t changed my motion at all, but because I became physically stronger, I’m a lot more balanced throughout the motion,” he said. “When my legs were stronger than my upper body, I would collapse a little bit. And when you do that you hit a lot of serves long.

“Now I’m staying taller for longer and it’s less effort to hit a hard serve. I used to try to serve huge on a lot of the points, and try and get 130-140mph. But now I’m getting a higher percentage in and hitting the lines with a lot less effort. If you can take care of your own service game, it puts an awful lot of pressure on your opponent, and I have done that since I first came on the tour. The physical work I’ve done in the past two years has made a huge difference.”

Novak Djokovic, Troicki’s Serbian compatriot, enjoyed his most satisfying day at these championships when he defeated Mardy Fish, a fine grass-court player from the United States, 6-4, 6-4, 6-4. Even his smile was nowhere near as wide, though, as that of Dudi Sela, the Israeli ranked No 46 in the wor