Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wimbledon 2009 Day 7 Open Thread

An official stands on the grass as the roof is closed over Centre Court at the Wimbledon tennis championships, in London June 27, 2009.

I call it Super Monday. All 16 of the ladies and gentlemen's fourth round matches are contested on the lawns at SW19.

Fans of tennis find themselves dreaming of this day, and this year's match ups are mouth watering.

Will Robin Soderling stop Roger Federer from beating him 11 times in a row? Will Amélie Mauresmo continue her head-to-head domination over Dinara Safina? Will Andy Murray, the closer he gets to fulfilling the hopes of a group of nations, begin to show nerves against Stanislas Wawrinka? Those are the questions that will be answered on Centre Court.

On Court 1, the only way Ana Ivanovic advances to the quarters is if Venus Williams beats herself. But Ivo Karlovic can upset Fernando Verdasco if he produces the form that got him here. And whoever blinks last will lose the slugfest between Andy Roddick and Tomas Berdych. I smell the upset, but Andy better fan that odor right out of my face. He can't afford to blink at all.

Which Elena will prevail? How many games will Daniela Hantuchova win against Serena Williams? Which veteran's game -- and body -- will hold up? Experience at Wimbledon will rule the day on Court 2.

Court 3 is about funny feelings. I've a funny feeling Nadia Petrova isn't going to choke against Victoria Azarenka; that Dudi Sela is going to give Novak Djokovic all he can handle; that the resurgent veteran isn't ready to go home, stopping the accidental Top 10-er's campaign dead in the sod.

No upsets on Courts 4 and 18. Not that I wouldn't like to see three, but they're not going to come to pass.

Will we see an official match under the closed new roof?

Super Monday Order Of Play


1. Robin Soderling (SWE) [13] vs Roger Federer (SUI) [2]
2. Dinara Safina (RUS) [1] vs Amelie Mauresmo (FRA) [17]
3. Andy Murray (GBR) [3] vs Stanislas Wawrinka (SUI) [19]


1. Venus Williams (USA) [3] vs Ana Ivanovic (SRB) [13]
2. Fernando Verdasco (ESP) [7] vs Ivo Karlovic (CRO) [22]
3. Tomas Berdych (CZE) [20] vs Andy Roddick (USA) [6]


1. Elena Vesnina (RUS) vs Elena Dementieva (RUS) [4]
2. Daniela Hantuchova (SVK) vs Serena Williams (USA) [2]
3. Lleyton Hewitt (AUS) vs Radek Stepanek (CZE) [23]


1. Victoria Azarenka (BLR) [8] vs Nadia Petrova (RUS) [10]
2. Dudi Sela (ISR) vs Novak Djokovic (SRB) [4]
3. Juan Carlos Ferrero (ESP) vs Gilles Simon (FRA) [8]


1. Igor Andreev (RUS) [29] vs Tommy Haas (GER) [24]
2. Caroline Wozniacki (DEN) [9] vs Sabine Lisicki (GER)


1. Agnieszka Radwanska (POL) [11] vs Melanie Oudin (USA)
2. Virginie Razzano (FRA) [26] vs Francesca Schiavone (ITA)


Graf_sampras said...

my speculations:

ON Amelie - she might call upon her experience to make Safina more nervous than herself...hehe.

ON Andy R - he has to remember, play his game, Remember What he has achieved , who he is and Berdych is a nobody: i mean how MANY MATCHES has berdych produced of any worth in SIX YEARS? psychology is quite

Verdasco can be in trouble ...

ANDY M says he LIKES the crowd and attention and support and it helps him concentrate even more...

On WIlliamses:

a Writer puts it this way:

"Great as Roger IS..he is NOT BIGGER than the WILLIAMSES in tennis and in Wimbledon....the decade is about the Williamses".

(of course i've been saying THAT for years...and I'm of course right, even if many people get DISTRACTED by 3 piece suits by the ballerina in Men's Tennis..) .

Graf_sampras said...

oh -- i FORGOT about the HERO of FO --

ROBING SODERLING...he who is FAMOUS in history for being a FOOTSTOOL...

whose answer to whether he has a chance on Monday?

"I am not sure".....

he probably meant to say it depends on whether he can take OFF his Blinders protecting his eyes from the Magnificence of THE NAME......

and DO A BJORKMAN a la 2004 (?) semis :

the BJORKMAN/SWEDISH way - beyond the Borg , Edberg days of actualy PRIDE in their tennis -

:"I was so lucky -- i had the BEST SEAT in the HOUSE to WATCH roger in action"........

THAT is the question.

i guess - ever since the days of Edberg or even as recently as MAGNUS NORMAN ......

what is LEFT of the SWEDES

is cut from the Bjorkman CLOTH.....

NOT the Borg, Edberg patterns.....


we shall of course see if BIG ROBIN can BORROW some BALLS from somewhere...anywhere, anyone....

Graf_sampras said...

of course one must not forget that EQUALLY or almost - as important as MURRAY's constitution - is WAWRINKA's:

Will STAN do his UTMOST and PLAY OUT OF HIS MIND , to PROTECT his Beloved?

and as with Nalbandian :

"take revenge FOR ROGER? he will be so proud of ME?"

since Stand and Roger made up after that marriage episode that broke stanley's heart -- momentarily?

THAT is the question .

T0X MUND1 said...

go oudin!
go aga!!

two gutsy players, might even wake up for it

MarcusB said...

Not only do I think Berdych will upset Roddick, I reckon he's going to make a run all the way to the final.

The result I'm most dreading is Simon to beat Ferrero. The Gonzo/Ferrero match was an absolute humdinger and it was a real shame one of those two had to do go out so soon. But seeing Ferrero's late career flourish this grass court season has been one of the rare treats of a disappointing Wimbledon. He played well at Queen's, but his form's been building up nicely and he's playing much much better now than he was a few weeks ago.

And yet...

it would be absolutely typical of this year's Wimbledon if this joyous run came to an anti-climactic finish against Simon. I have a bad feeling.

Karen said...

In case it has not already been posted, just read that Lindsay has given birth to a daughter. Congrats to Lindsay on the addition to her family.

pompelmo said...

Ivanovic, Karlovic, Vesnina, Hewitt, Ferrero, Lisicki.

oddman said...

Soderling? No. Amelie? Yes, I think she might overcome Dinara. Murray show nerves? No, he's a steely-eyed Scot.
Ivo or Nando - my pick is the Spaniard. And Andy Roddick will get past Tomas.

Still enjoying last year's final bits you posted for us, thanks, Craig.

On with the show.

Craig Hickman said...

If Petrova intends to win this match, she would do well to hold serve and stop approaching to Azarenka's backhand. Azarenaks's serve is simply not that strong. For Petrova to be dropping serve as much as she has already on grass isn't going to cut it.

Craig Hickman said...

Azarenka is cussing out the chair umpire for not overruling a call in her favor on the opposite side of the court.

10 games, 6 breaks of serve.

It's a pitiful match.

oddman said...

Interesting that Raja isn't wearing his Monogrammed Musketeer ensemble lately. I notice some of the press have been having quite the go at him, even Liberace's been mentioned.
Raja has denied in the recent past that he reads what the press says, yet he always seems to know exactly what they're sayin'. Just sayin', to quote Savannah.

Craig Hickman said...

Well, I was wrong about Nadia. She's choking something fierce. But so is Azarenka.

Messy, messy match.

Craig Hickman said...

oddman, whoever believes a man with an ubiquitous monogram, one that even showed up on the court in front of his chair earlier this year, doesn't read his own press is in deep, deep denial. And that includes the man issuing the denial.

Craig Hickman said...

Serve fest on Centre Court between Soderling and Federer.

Craig Hickman said...

Soderling is sick. If he drops the opening set in this kind of heat, the rest of this match will go quickly.

charags said...

Hey All... G'Morning. Please please tell me where you're watching the Fed - Soder match!

ESPN showing Serena and for all the fuss I made about Directv, no multi channel-mix today :-(


Karen said...

Ivanovic retired from her match against Venus after being dusted in the first set. She called the trainer at beginning of second set and retired shortly thereafter. Serena doing her stuff against Dani. Playing ok so far, not doing too much. The Fed/Sod match is a snoozefest.

Craig Hickman said...

Charags, this site has all the matches.

charags said...

Thanks Craig!

Craig Hickman said...

Maybe someone delivered my message to the ESPN producers. Venus was being interviewed live at her press conference in a split screen with live action on the court.

Craig Hickman said...

Petrova was up a break 3-2 in the final set and is now about to lose 4 games in a row to lose the match?

Have mercy.

b said...

wow - hantuchova was incredibly unimpressive.... I didn't see the match all the way from the beginning but she appeared to not be able to do much at all and, in the last set, I question how hard she was trying to come up with something new

shame about petrova - anyway now for another serena-azarenka rematch..... i suppose azarenka is being trialed as the new wimbledon GWH

anyone see the ivanovic match - i only saw the part where she was getting treatment..... good thing the sisters have doubles today or they wouldn't have anough match practice

b said...

Is Savannah reading this.... Hope she has noticed that that 12 y.o. girl she profiled a year or 2 ago, Sachia Vickery, is already playing in this year's junior wimbledon..... Time flies... The profile had included a mention of a personal tour of the grounds by Richard Williams..... didn't take her long....

charags said...

I guess Fed will drop a set the next time he plays Soderling. It's getting closer.

Reminds me of how the Wimbledon finals between Nadal and Fed got closer and closer, until finally...

PeytonAllen said...

Soderling can't return serve well enough to win anything. I credit him for staying present. He didn't run away.

Have to hand it to Fed. I don't think Soderling allowed him to orchestrate the way his fans wanted him to, but he was very good today. No cheap errors. If he had played a loose service game in any set, I think we would've saw 5 sets today. Fed was clean. He forced Soderling to win the match and he couldn't.

He'll breeze through his quarter. Color me interested if he sees Novak in the semis.

Craig Hickman said...

peyton, while I agree with your assessment of Raja's game today, I disagree with your assessment of Soderling's. He did today what he always does against Federer: if he grabs a lead in a tiebreak, he immediately makes a forehand error or serves a double fault to put the breaker back on serve. That's choking, no matter how you slice it. He's not going to win sets against Raja if he can't keep the ball in the court once he gets a tiebreak lead.

pompelmo said...

The "big dane" went home prematurely again. I have yet to see her achieving something impressive, but she seems to be the experts' favorite.

Karen said...

@pompelno, CWoz can only win big matches when her coach is on court with her. She has yet to learn how to win matches by changing strategy. Sabine is going to be a tough out for Venus as she has a huge serve and good groundies. Then again, I did think that Ana would have put up a fight against Venus but that first set before the injury was just awesome tennis from Venus.

b said...

Venus Lisicki would be interesting as Lisicki won their only matchup - regardless it seems if venus makes it to semi it will be either lisicki or mauresmo (unless safina turns match around) and any/either of those would be an interesting match.....

Radwanska-Venus should also be good.... if Radwanska brings her giant-killing game..... I expect Venus to win but not if she's playing badly.... But I do expect her to be ready for A-Rad, as Serena was last year

Craig Hickman said...

I'm thrilled to have been wrong about upsets on Court 4 & 18.

Not at all thrilled too have been so wrong about Court 3. I guess that means Simon will defeat Ferrero.


PeytonAllen said...

nbc's tennis coverage is a joke.

Why are they showing the Verdasco match on tape delay and not live? Why bother buying the rights? It's ridiculous.

I can only assume its some deal with espn as to what matches both networks can air and they're waiting for Roddick. And 10-1 is just an odd block of time to air matches.

I'll be glad for the day when there's no network TV.

PeytonAllen said...

okay. They're live. Did they break live just to cover the roof closing?

And it takes 45 minutes from roof closing to next ball in play? Isn't that essentially an average time of a rain delay? Weird.

I guess it really works when rain is scheduled all day, and to stop multiple delays.

Furthermore, when will Wimbledon and/or the French get the stick out of their ass and play night matches?

The french open at night, how romantic would that be? Same for London.

Matthew said...

We're two points from a Federer-Karlovic quarterfinal.

Craig Hickman said...

So the quarterfinal I least wanted to see on the men's side comes to pass. Oy vey.

And Mauresmo flamed out. Safina is a fighter, that's for sure. If you can't keep her down in a match, she will beat you.

charags said...

We *are* in Federer-Karlovic QF.

Can't believe the QFs are already here!

Safina prevailed over Mauresmo. Mixed feelings. In the 2nd set Safina was almost on the verge of crumbling. Good to see her controlling her nerves, little bit better.

b said...

Just saw the ned of Safina-Mauresmo - so disappointed - Mauresmo was up in both of the last 2 sets - I would have liked for her to prevail.... or at least not choke....

Happy for Safina to improve at Wimby....

b said...

Hard to believe the sisters are up 6-0 3-0 against zheng and yan zi (i.e. former champions)..... WOW
I was expecting some stiff competition from the other side

Matthew said...

Did Stepanek fall away or did Hewitt raise his game? I really though that Lleyton was introuble once he fell two sets to love down, but he dominated those last three.

Tennis Vagabond said...

Retro Monday at Wimbledon!
Ferrero! Federer! Hewitt! Haas! Roddick!

Its 2004, ladies and gentlemen! Usher and Maroon 5 rule the charts!
Where's Sjeng Schalken? Where's Paradorn?

T. Vag

Craig Hickman said...

b, you always give me a chuckle the way you fret over the sisters draws. This is Wimbledon. I'm sure I'll be challenged on this, but no one actually beats either one of them at this event. If they lose, they beat themselves. When they play each other, anything can happen.

Craig Hickman said...

Where IS Paradorn? Schalken officially retired, but has Paradorn?

Craig Hickman said...

Stepanek's body gave out, y'all. Hewitt hung around until it happened and then cruised to the finish line.

Craig Hickman said...

Happy to hear Chris Fowler challenge PMac on calling Soderling's double fault at 5-5 in the final tiebreak a "hiccup."

Matthew said...

Good for Andy not to be disappointed about missed break point chances in the first set and be steady in that tie-break. It took a double fault from Berdych, but he had the match on his racket at 5-4 and he served two untouchable serves. That's clutch. Now don't go walkabout, Andy.

Leslie said...

Strange that no one is talking about the fact that Federer's water boy is taking his main contender, the Great Brit Hope, outback to the woodshed.

rabbit said...

So, whenever Stan does well, he is being Roger's water boy?

Karen said...

Boy, JMac is a real kisser. You should hear him commenting the Murray match. Unbelievable

Craig Hickman said...

Wawrinka is getting a rubdown?

After a set and a half? And he's got nothing taped?

Dude, get in shape.

Craig Hickman said...

So today ESPN is showing split screen coverage of Roddick and Murray's matches with a sharper focus on Roddick's.

Someone delivered my message.

Matthew said...

Okay, Roddick is up two sets to love. Time for him to lose focus.

Craig Hickman said...

Now that Stan can't or won't put any weight behind his shots, Murray's able to dinky doo him to death.

Leslie said...


Pretty sure Stan admitted in his own words to carrying the water for Fed against Nalbandian in Basel 2007. He anointed himself...not me.

In any case, it appears to be a moot point, as Murray has found his way back into the match.

Craig Hickman said...

Yes, Matthew. Yes.

Craig Hickman said...

That ball was drifting out. What a choke from Berdych.

Matthew said...

Definitely a brainfart - not sure if it's really a choke. I don't think you can "choke" when you're two sets to love down and have not had a single break point on your opponent's serve.

pompelmo said...

If Murray wins, there will be a total of 5 upsets today, where I hit 4 over 6, and 13/16 overall for the day. Not bad. Yet when I bet, I am never close.

Pamela said...

Curse you Amelie! Boy she irks me. Simon lost , yay! Still out and not watching matches but Stan took a set? Ok. Haas won , that was awesome.

Craig Hickman said...

"Solid" tennis, says PMac? Roddick is played exquisite lawn tennis today. He won points in more ways than one, exhibiting all sorts of variety off the ground and touch in the forecourt, and never blinked. Had he returned a better in the first set on the break points, I'd call the performance perfection.

Craig Hickman said...

Matthew, I call all sorts of things chokes. I use the term liberally.

Karen said...

Boy Craig you are really hard on your boy. Did not see the match but looked at the stats and he seems to have played awesome tennis. Stan needs to get rid of all that junk that he is carrying behind him. Lay off the bon bons

Craig Hickman said...

Oh, yeah, and I'm happy I didn't have to rely on the internet to see most of the match. ESPN did a better job today.

charags said...

Can Wawri win this one against Murray? Both of them are trying hard to hand it to the other ;)

Craig Hickman said...

Karen, I guess you missed my praise.

Karen said...

No, I did not. I saw it. Just the oh but he could have done a bit better - you know - perfection and all that - LOL

Craig Hickman said...

Okay, Karen. I'll but it another way: Andy's turned in a near perfect performance today.

Satisfied now? ;)

Matthew said...

That was awesome tennis from Roddick - best I've seen him play in a long time. Focused, varied play kept a tough opponent (who also served great) from getting into his head. He didn't even give Berdych a chance to self-destruct. He was calm and in control from start to finish. I love his chances against Hewitt (will Hewitt get 2, 1 or no days of rest before they play their quarterfinal? I forget how Wimbledon works) who he beat just about ten days ago at Queen's.

Because I can't help myself, let's dig into the stats: Andy served at 70%, winning 89% of his first serves and 80% of his second. That's Karlovic territory - Karlovic against James Blake territory. Twenty-four aces to no double faults. That's a pretty crazy number, right there.

But it wasn't just that he served well: 46 winners to 8(!!) unforced errors, a +38 differential. He won 32% of his receiving points while allowing Berdych to only win 13%. He was 81% at net, winning 22 of 27.

And the most troublesome Roddick statistic - break points converted. 2 for 8 or 25% is not ideal, but against a big server like Berdych, it'll have to do.

I'm encouraged by his performance during this match.

Matthew said...

Only one more quarterfinalist to determine. Murray's 2/3 of the way there - can he seal the deal?

Matthew said...

This thing's pretty much over. Wawrinka isn't playing his game anymore - he's overwhelmed by the crowd and a frustrating opponent.

Leslie said...

Gotta give him credit, though. Considering that grass is probably his worst surface, the form of his opponent, the crowd completely against him and his physical condition, he's performing much better than anyone could have expected.

It's some heavy-ass water - but he's carrying it like a trooper.

Matthew said...

Ah, the latest match in Wimbledon history! It's only fitting for it to be Murray's first real test. Let's see it go to five sets! Come on, Wawa!

Matthew said...

Looks like it's just me watching this match. Go Wawrinka! Stop posting Roddick-like break point conversion numbers!

J said...

I'm watching, Matthew. Just don't want to breathe until we get to 5th.

J said...

That's the way.

Matthew said...

Clutch! That was CLUTCH from Stan the Man. Anything could happen in this fifth set.

pompelmo said...

Lets see if Andy can win a five setter

Matthew said...

Murray has the advantage of serving first in the set.

And JMac is right - Wawrinka's one-handed backhand is among the best in the game when it's firing. It can be as pretty as Gasquet's and Federer's, I think.

PeytonAllen said...

Murray closing the door. Nice tester. Still, its been his tendancy this year in slams to not finish guys off. He needs to turn into a closer here.

I said earlier I wanted Wimbledon after dark and I've gotten my wish. How nice this match isn't finished tomorrow. I'd consider the roof and the decision to close it today a success. Now, it'll truly shine when all other courts are rained out for a day.

J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matthew said...

Great pass from Wawrinka. Back on serve!

J said...

Very nice.

Tennis Vagabond said...

Love that Wawrinka backhand.

Matthew said...

Great lob from Murray. Half-chance at 0-30, 3-4 in the fifth!

Karen said...

I could swear I looked at the score in the fifth and it had Murray up 5-0 - man go Stan the Man

Craig Hickman said...

Did Stan really miss that shot by that much?


Craig Hickman said...

Murray's going to win this match, but he just lost the tournament.

Karen said...

I hate when players do that - try and get the crowd riled up against an opponent. Poor sportsmanship. The British are really desperate this year. This is not Davis Cup

Karen said...

Craig, he really did just lose this tournament. He will have nothing left for his next opponent. No matter how fit he is.

kraa said...

Murray is not the most fit guy in the top 10, but neither is he so weak that he can't survive one 4 h match during the tournament. Federer played 2 during his RG title run.

P.S. I don't think he will win, but neither would I rule it out.

charags said...

:-( So bad for Wawri. He could have done away with those premature offensive attempts at hitting winners.

Murray will get past the QFs; Ferrero won't be able to withstand the crowd pressure. Unless of course, he shows more fire than Wawri did!

PeytonAllen said...

He just lost this tournament? Your hoping at best.

This was a four hour match. Everybody relax. He gets time off. And Karen, how can anyone not love the British pulling for one of their own? Certainly they were more restrained than some US Open crowds. And Roger himself of late in close matches has taken to the "get the crowd on my side" stance. Murray wasn't disrespectful.

Again, he couldn't close. Either in the 4th or one break up in the 5th. He's young and going for his first slam so it's to be expected to a degree. Still, if he doesn't make the final with this draw, ouch.

3 setter in his next match.

The semi against either Andy or Hewitt will be fun. Roddick's record against Murray of late has been awful. Not sure about Hewitt.

We're on course for Fed/Murray.

I think this performance and atmosphere during it will carry him.

Graf_sampras said... takes on wawrinka -- soderling, berdych -- turned out to be right. lol

wawrinka DID try his best to clear the path for roger./....and now can go home to roger to make his report on the half-successful to play

berdych -- as i said -- he is a nobody....and years of being "potentially dangerous" means absolutely ZERO...

would have been surprised if Andy let THAT match go, lol.

not surprised that hewitt sliced stepanek apart...though...

Graf_sampras said...

Craig Hickman said...

oddman, whoever believes a man with an ubiquitous monogram, one that even showed up on the court in front of his chair earlier this year, doesn't read his own press is in deep, deep denial. And that includes the man issuing the denial.

Mon Jun 29, 08:28:00 AM


Oddman -- ONLY ONE THING needs to be remembered about roger:

he said it YEARS ago

"I don't know how i win so many titles, it must be just my TALENT".....


"I really enjoy watching my matches -- they are so ....beautiful".

and then OF COURSE HE CHECKS to see what the "world is saying"...

the WORLD being

the MIRROR of


"Mirror, mirror on the wall...who is the fairest of them all? ME OF COURSE, isn't it?"

Graf_sampras said...

b said...

Hard to believe the sisters are up 6-0 3-0 against zheng and yan zi (i.e. former champions)..... WOW
I was expecting some stiff competition from the other side

Mon Jun 29, 01:41:00 PM



we are easily forgetting in the "madding crowd's" many concerns....


they are simply UNBEATABLE at their best. PERIOD.

as a sports writer of many years said:

"Great as Roger is - and the question is the historic attempt for 15 majors, sixth wimbledon...etc....BIG as Roger IS...he is NOT BIGGER than the Williamses sisters. in TENNIS -- the williams sisters ARE tennis".

Graf_sampras said...

see -- the thing about the williamses is - AFTER 2003 - or their supremely Monopolistic dominance DURING a period of MUCh TOUGHER and accomplished players -- after WHICH the sisters LIKELY didn't see MUCH ELSE to have to prove -

ANY OTHER PLAYER, be it Henin, or Mauresmo, or ANY of the others that follow or succeeded - to take THEIR shares..AFTER the williamses "pulled off" on the 2004 --

any other player ascending to the top while the williamses began to be more inconsistent - EASILY DISTRACTED PEOPLE from the FACT that the entire decade in tennis is DEFINED by them.

this happened due to their inconsistency and therefore , by that, allowing the others' such as Henin to SEEM to get CLOSER in accomplihsment.

against EACH INDIVIDUAL williams and together


when examing the records of the BIGGEST accomplishments by just about ANY standard (majors, singles, doubles, mixed doubles, reign at the top, SHEER DOMINANCE against all comers, AND the magnificence of their TENNIS itself) --

NO ONE comes close to their achievement and standard.

WHETHER either of them win this time is immaterial. the FACT is evidence by simply :

IF EITHER of them plays NEAR or at her best - even at their ages and having been knocked a few ....

ALL the years since 1999-2003 have brought

NO ONE good enough against them. PERIOD.

Graf_sampras said...

Craig Hickman said...

Wawrinka is getting a rubdown?

After a set and a half? And he's got nothing taped?

Dude, get in shape.

Mon Jun 29, 02:50:00 PM


Didn't I say that WAWRINKA

ReSERVES ALL HIS best tennis, best fighting, BEST concentration, PERHAPS EVEN the use of the "injury timeouts" to disrupt an opponent. --- the WORKS really

AS A WAY TO CLEAR the PATH or EASE it for ROGER so roger's opponents either are GONE or TAXED?

anyone that doesn't SEE THIS over the years - match by match, where wawrinka is drawn in roger's halves - against potential dangerous....

HASN'T been watching tennis and HASN'T made the connections with such a word as "I am glad to take REVENGE for Roger, beating David....Roger will be SO PROUD OF ME"......

people might think is outrageous? there ARE such things in the world, u know. where there's a will, there's a way...

and IN TENNIS for Roger's march to glory -- WAWRINKA Serves as A PATHWAY for his "friend" roger federer. they WON"t Talke about it - but

there is NO question about it. this is the dynamics of that "relationship".

it's almost corrupt in itself, frankly that a so-called "professional" will be so "self-realizing" in his behavior and performances that OVER TIME - one begins to notice a PATTERN....

HE IS IN SERVICE to Roger Federer.

"as between friends".

Graf_sampras said...

you see -- there ARE people who are PROUD of being DOORMEN.

WAWRINKA is SUCH a player for Roger Federer.....he HOLDs the Door open for roger and GUARDS it against "outsiders"...

Graf_sampras said...

PeytonAllen said...

He just lost this tournament? Your hoping at best.

This was a four hour match. Everybody relax. He gets time off. And Karen, how can anyone not love the British pulling for one of their own? Certainly they were more restrained than some US Open crowds. And Roger himself of late in close matches has taken to the "get the crowd on my side" stance. Murray wasn't disrespectful.

Again, he couldn't close. Either in the 4th or one break up in the 5th. He's young and going for his first slam so it's to be expected to a degree. Still, if he doesn't make the final with this draw, ouch.

3 setter in his next match.

The semi against either Andy or Hewitt will be fun. Roddick's record against Murray of late has been awful. Not sure about Hewitt.

We're on course for Fed/Murray.

I think this performance and atmosphere during it will carry him.

Mon Jun 29, 05:51:00 PM


in reality - this is EXACTLY what Murray NEEDED AT THIS EXACT point of the tournament.

better that he knows in ADVANCE that five setters are VERY REAL possibilities and now KNOWS he can pull it off based on HIS having failed to "close out" EARLIER and then RESURGE to eventually win it.

THAT was the POTENTIAL that ALWAYS nadal carried against roger - and look at what happens.

it is the equivalent of showing that "I AM GOING TO STAY OUT HERE FOR AS LONG AS NECESSARY"...

and that is what Roger HATES. he likes players that CAPITULATE like Robin Soderling.

what did i say? Robin wasn't even able to BORROW BALLS from edberg or borg....

instead he made a "show" of "fighting" based on his nothing but big hitting but awkward tennis - but NO BALLS when it comes down to it......

about as bad as the OTHER SWEDE -- the DOUBLES SPECIALIST from the 90's that became an IMPORTANT SINGLES player in the 2000's of roger's "era" -

BJORKMAN -- and what Soderling INHERITED is the BJORKMAN "i got the best seat in the house to WATCH roger's beautiful tennis" Idolatry.


come to think of it --

BEFORE 2004 - what DID soderling EVER accomplish?



does THAT NOT SAY SOMETHING about one of the "toughest', biggest hitters" TODAY?

he is NOTHING. just a big, awkward , powerful player with NOTHING in the brain NOR between the legs!

he shouldn't be ALLOWED to be in the same room as Stefan Edberg or Wilander or Borg,

EVER!!!and THAT goes for MUCH fo roger's Competition!

Graf_sampras said...

and abotu BERDYCH

face it folks -0 the GUY has for SEVERAL YEARS NOW -- been WORSE than even someone that is OUT of the GAME SO MUCH DUE TO illness - sucha s ANCIC .

at least ANCIC would have REAL EXCUSe - he COULDN"T EVEN PLAY to become a better player than when he STARTED with great potential and that is now basically

lost. so he can't be unjustly dismissed.

BERDYCH? he has been a REGULAR and what HAS he done in SEVEN YEARS NOW?


why are people talking about him AS IF he is GOOD competition AT ALL?

of course he was SUPPOSed to LOSE -- because THAT is what HE DOES ALL HIS CAREER.

and THAT"s a player that actually ENTERED TOP TEN.....


tangerine said...

Murray's win feels like a march to the crown, to me. This whole week has felt that way. Everything's breaking his way, the draw, the luck, all the crowd and media support. He even beat Roger in the fashion stakes for crying out loud.

Craig Hickman said...

No, PeytonAllen, I'm not hoping. You are. At best. You've made it clear you want to see an Murray/Federer final, if Djoke doesn't beat Federer, and so that's what you're hoping for.

Andy Murray needs more than a day to recover from a 4-hour, five-set, mentally grueling, Grand Slam affair. If he proves me wrong, he'll have to prove me wrong against his own record. He's not Nadal or Federer as much as folks want to make him so.

Again, he could prove me wrong in a matter of days, but I'll stay right where I am until he proves me wrong.

I'm not hoping at all. I'm merely predicting Murray's future based upon his past.

You're hoping to see Raja beat Murray in the final in order to feel good about his victory at this event. You pretty much said as much.

My dream final (Roddick vs. Tsonga) cannot happen, so now I'm just watching the tennis. Sure I'm rooting for Roddick, but I know him enough to know he can flame out at anytime.

If Murray geths through Ferrero and Roddick or Hewitt and makes the final, he's going to lose.

It won't even be close.

Murray's only hope is that Haas manages to be the last man standing from the bottom half.

I'll eat my shorts if that happens.

Karen said...

LOL Craig at your last comment. I have no idea who I am rooting for during this Wimbledon. Even as a Fed fan I am not optimistic that he will get to the final and even if he does, I dont see him winning this one. I think the hunger is gone a little bit, especially after winning the French. Maybe I see that because I wanted to see someone new win it this year. I am not too enthused about Andy Murray because I dont like his game. I would actually be happy to see Roddick win (just not against Roger) or Tsonga or even one of the up and comers - Juan Martin, Cilic, etc. Right now I am just watching the tennis. Today's match that I am watching with Soderling/Roger is so boring. Just not capturing my attention right now. Maybe because it is a serve fest rather than the tennis that I love to see Roger play.

PeytonAllen said...


When have I ever hoped Roger would win? :) I'm hoping Murray gets through and wins, I think its time GB had a champion to call their own. It'd be neat to see.

I just thought calling Murray done after a five setter was said out of frustration that he won.

No, I don't think he's in Fed or Nadal condition. Until proven otherwise those two stand in a league of their own.

And until he wins a Slam it's all virgin territory. That said, I think if he gets to the Final he'll have plenty left.

He hasn't proven he can close yet and get deep in slams consistently. But he can do this.

I'd love a Roddick win as well.

sG said...

I waited until after Middle Sunday to get my teeth into these Wimbledon matches and man, at least one did not disappoint! That Murray-Wawrinka match was fantastic! I screamed myself hoarse rooting for the losing Wawrinka, as it turns out.

While he had his tight moments and sloppy points I'm sure he wishes back, Stan did not give up. The commentators had all but written the match's obit 3-0 in the fifth and he came roaring back to silence them and the crowd. I never quite bought into the idea peddled around here regarding Andy being a three set guy vs. a five set guy. However, the theory has gained some momentum in my eyes based on what I saw out there. Andy was clearly winded and tired by set four, and definitely a few key steps slower by set five. A better player under those circumstances would have most likely finished him off. As it was, Stan nearly did it. It was though a well-earned win by Andy.

Karen said...

@sg,I am glad that someone has finally seen what we have been seeing for the longest time. Also, you could see that he was in some amount of pain as well. It was really the crowd that won him that match because had Stan gotten a break in the 5th set and the potential to serve it out, Andy would have been dead. anyway, it is history now. Hope they show some of the Sisters doubles match. Want to see if they were playing that well or the other team was just not playing well. A double bagel in doubles. Damn

Graf_sampras said...

ADMIRE WAWRINKA"s "fight" all you want, folks.

you are overlooking the MOST important thing:

Wawrinka PLAYED as the SERVANT of Roger Federer. that IS wawrinka's ROLE in tennis. he SEES HIMSELF as a Protector of Roger's March to Glory

by SACRIFICING HIMSELF like a FOOT SOLDIER - in the process taking energy OUT of THREATS to roger federer if not taking them out ENTIRELY.

THAT - and ONLY THAT - is wawrinka's REASON for existence IN tennis.

you are blind of you don't see it yet -- BY NOW !

Graf_sampras said...

Roger DID NOT come out on his first match WEARING "generalissimo" for NOTHING , u know.

Wawrinka and soderling , among others, ARE roger's FOOTSOLDIERS - HE is their "generalissimo". and THEY BETTER not forget it.

he plays and DRESSES the part -- the "general"

and THEY play THEIR part. --the PAWNS in the trench warfare - to CLEAN UP HIS act BEFORE he "arrives".

tangerine said...

"ADMIRE WAWRINKA"s "fight" all you want, folks.
you are overlooking the MOST important thing:
Wawrinka PLAYED as the SERVANT of Roger Federer. that IS wawrinka's ROLE in tennis. he SEES HIMSELF as a Protector of Roger's March to Glory
by SACRIFICING HIMSELF like a FOOT SOLDIER - in the process taking energy OUT of THREATS to roger federer if not taking them out ENTIRELY.
THAT - and ONLY THAT - is wawrinka's REASON for existence IN tennis. you are blind of you don't see it yet -- BY NOW !"

LOL, I think you have a point here GS.

Graf_sampras said...

LOL, I think you have a point here GS.

Tue Jun 30, 12:20:00 PM


lol. Tangerine.

it does sound "absurd" the way I put it , doesn't it?

but get behind the appearance of absurdity...not just the WAY i put it -- but the IDEA of it....what HAS wawrinka EVER DONE in his career?. he is BETTER known as "the number 2 swiss in the shadow of roger federer".

as a recent article even includes: "the TALENTED swiss number 2"....

everyone knows their it LESS absurd to consider that kind of dynamics EVEN if they are professionals say:

the dynamics between Blake and his brother? RELATIONSHIPS COUNT even if people don't admit it in "professional circles". there is no question that wawrinka in particular is more "motivated" to fight and unload EVERY LAST effort he has against any OTHER player EXCEPT roger federer.

that much is clear. and yet - taken on HIS merits only - without roger in a tournament - he ALSO has a very poor record of achievement..he's been around, what now? long enough to have a few titles of his own , but he can't even be THAT good.

but SUDDENLY -- when in a grand slam -- and roger's march to glory is always at stake


i am telling you now - the time will come - after all these players are done:

NO ONE WILL REMEMBER the likes of ljubicic, ferrer, wawrinka, berdych..etc....EXCEPT as members of a "club" of chokers, mediocrities and ROger FANS...
"the players that came with roger who are so respectful to the point of being deferential".

and mind you - they are not or have not won titles over the years BECAUSE they ALWAYS meet roger who beats them ...or because the "tour is so deep".

NO - it is BECAUSE they - are TOP PLAYERS regularly for the past several years


what makes wawrinka , ljubicic, etc. as examples -- WORSE is that

IN ADDITION to being NOT THAT GOOD - they exacerbate it - by BEING roger's SeRVANTS!

read carefully -because i have put together TWO critical factors - even if most people won't admit to them because these players HAPPEN to be playing in an era people's players ARE playing IN.

before 2003 - these were NOBODIES -- that means - their LACK of achievement had NOTHING to do with Roger federer later in 2003 and since. they were simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH , EVEN THEN.

after 2003
they are STILL nobodies. and it merely COMPOUNDS and CONFIRMS their mediocrity. that's all there is to it.

i mean -- regardless of hewitt or roddick unable to win against roger anymore - for whatever reasons that we all know about -- these now getting OLD GUYS an knocked around alone, including TOMMY HAAS, including Stepanek are , simply by reaching the QUARTERS

making a MOCKERY out of what has passed for "competition" these past several years!

i can just imagine agassi or edberg, or sampras, or rafter in their MID TWENTIES - with the current "fitness" and technologies adjustment...

EATING up these guys like no tomorrow! I have often said this is a BAD competition era....I never imagined it would even be THIS bad.

My god!