Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wimbledon's Greatest Final


MarcusB said...

Got goosebumps watching this again. The defending champ is sorely missed during this year's Wimbledon. Here's to a full recovery.

ThickGirl said...

Wimbledon is not as exciting without Rafa....

Graf_sampras said...

AGREE with Both Comments.

actually - if players actualy played LIKE they believe they can win and CAME with the INTENT of winning rather than "trying".....there are a number of them - as in any year at any ear - that CAN win .

that THESE " numbers " of players in the past several years now have instead behaved and played as if they are auditioning for a highschool drama rather than behave and play like PROFESSIONALS and CHAMPIONS coz of a certain "NAME" that likes to wear 3-piece suits to remind THEM to be in AWE

makes Rafael's achievement last year a DAMNING indictment of the WHOLE LOT of the rest of them, that he can LEAPFROG over the rest from having "no game" on grass to CHAMPION who nearly sent a NAME to the Sanitarium....and in ONE DAY in 2008 - after a superb run of 3 years that OTHERS can't be BOTHERED to do properly -

with but ONE wimbledon title -- makes a mockery of the wimbledon of 2003-2007

and of 2009

whether by his presence or absence.

oddman said...

I can watch this over and over. I haven't been able to find that wonderful photo of Rafa, gazing down at his trophy in the fading light, with this strange vague look on his face - asking himself, I'm sure, 'is this really happening to me?'

Love that pic. 'Is this a dream?' The wonder on his face... sigh.

Sorry, just reminiscing here. (slaps self)

You are so right about Andy, Craig. If he keeps his head about him... who's the bigger headcase there? I hate to call Andy a headcase, but dang, I hate that 'look' he gets sometimes.

Go, Andy!!!!