Monday, July 20, 2009

"Pamela" Files Suit Against Richard Gasquet

by Savannah

Maître Yassine Bouzrou

The woman identified only as "Pamela" has filed a lawsuit against Richard Gasquet in France. Her lawyer says, among other things, that her character has been "defamed."

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Karen said...

LOL, no really LMAO

b said...

Craig & Savannah, funny that photo, along with the headline almost implies something different - i.e. that the man (the attorney) is "Pamela".....

Of course he has court garb on and is therefore the lawyer but you don't see that at first.


One thing I thought of, but didn't post..... anyone consider that either:

1) Gasquet withdrew to avoid testing b/c knew he had indulged as a spur of the moment thing and hadn't anticipated that he would be tested regardless...


2) Gasquet realised he wouldn't be able to play and so then decided to make a night of it, assuming that he wouldn't be tested...

I read a bit of the article - sounds like this woman knows something

Should a break in between tournaments really be counted as out of competition testing?

Shani said...

Should this be a class action suit in which every woman named Pamela who might have been or could have been thought to have been in Paris at that time should join? Even in France, doesn't defamation of character require some identifiable _damage_ to a specified character, i.e. the plaintiff's? If all the world's a stage, this one is shaping up to be a farce. Bring it ON!

Pamela said...

Can I get in on the action on the basis of my name? I'm all for it!

Seriously, if she wasn't so offended and disgusted at being "used" prior to the conclusion of his case being resolved - then she's not offended and disgusted now.

Savannah said...

I don't think either Craig or I posted the full ITF report. It's my understanding that she was interviewed and that she said the same things that are now being cited as part of the libel suit.

I'll play devils advocate and say she was surprised that the board interpreted her actions as being the cause of Gasquet's positive test and thus resulted in Gasquet being "acquitted". If as has been said she's living in Paris with her boyfriend and as a result of this situation she's being presented as a coke addled slut then yeah she should sue.

Let's see where this goes in the French legal system of which I know nothing.

Craig Hickman said...

The entire report is definitely worth reading.