Sunday, July 12, 2009

Quote For The Day

"I got a ton of respect for Andy [Roddick]. I really can't see myself having any more respect for him than today. Being in the No. 1 spot, it shows me how hard his job has been for this many years and how outstanding he's really been as a teammate and a leader of this team because he's counted on as the No. 1 to put up two points, and he does it time after time. Davis Cup is always pressure-packed, but being in the No. 2 spot is less pressure-packed than being in that one spot."

--James Blake, after losing both of his live rubbers in Croatia


cms said...

I'm so sad for James. He lost both matches, which must be gut-wrenching for him. He's had an incredibly tough few weeks. Few months, really. It's too bad for the U.S., but they'll be in the world group next year.

It's just like JB to call out Andy like that. And, of course, what he says is true. Andy has led the team for a long time... we see what happens when he's not there.

sG said...

He lost both his rubbers?! Oh god Blake just get off the stage... Great plug for Andy R. though.

MMT said...

What I can't understand is, why he thinks there's more pressure being the #1 player. You play both players singles opponents regardless, and every point is equally valuable.

What he really means is playing without Roddick there is less pressure, and if I were Roddick, I'd be madder than a black bear in heat.

Here he's busting his arse for the US for the last 8 years or so, and his teammate is thinking to himself, "Well, I don't really have to get a point, because Andy always comes through."

This is why this guy is so bad mentally. I'm sure Roddick never thought to himself - okay, I'm playing with Pete, so it's okay if I don't get a point. No way - he probably put more pressure on himself to achieve so he would look like Pete was carrying him.

Boy, oh boy.

Craig Hickman said...

MMT, I feel your frustration. I couldn't have said it better.

Alex said...

Well we always knew Blake was a mental midget - this just confirms it once and for all.

MMT said...

Actually I could have said this better:

"...playing WITH Roddick there is less pressure..."


"...he probably put more pressure on himself to achieve so he WOULDN'T look like Pete (or anyone, for that matter) was carrying him."

Craig Hickman said...

LOL, MMT. I didn't even notice the typos because I read it as you corrected it.

Funny how the mind works.