Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quote For The Day

"I am happy with the way the tests went and of the positive evolution of the injury as the doctors are saying. I am really looking forward to practice again and to do again what I most like: to play tennis. The event in Montreal is important and I expect to be there fit to play. Until then I need to continue to work on my recovery and practice well."--Rafael Nadal, on returning to training this coming Monday

(Thanks, Savannah)


Pamela said...

Best news all week. I really hope he's ready and just goes on a tear.

Beth said...

Been waiting for this news for weeks...so glad to hear this. I hope the injury is truly healed by the time he enters Montreal.

dapxin said...

I wanna have a ride on that...haha! I really do.
looks totally cool. darn!