Saturday, July 25, 2009

Quote For The Day


"Oh, my goodness. That really is a Tier III event, isn't it?"--hubby, upon seeing the finalists for Indianapolis


Karen said...

LMAO -I really need to meet hubby and give him a hug. Yesterday I watched Hamburg, and then I watched Indy and I have to tell you, I saw players ranked 107 who had more game than all the Americans who I saw play yesterday. If the American men do not develop a Plan B, then they are doomed to be playing these type of matches all season long, and they will continue to pin their hopes on AndyR who is entering the twilight of his career right now. I was ashamed yesterday when I saw these guys not being able to think their way through a match, and it was even more apparent when the commentators kept talking about they were Top 10 material. Has he seen the guys in the top 10 (at least some of them). Whoever is coaching these guys need to take a look at Pablo Cuevas who I saw yesterday. I also have a confession to make - I like clay court tennis, especially when it is played on a fast surface. And I think I have fallen in love with Davydenko

Karen said...

dang, is the tennis that boring that there is no one watching. This morning's match with Davydenko was really good. Poor Paul Henri, just cannot catch a break

Craig Hickman said...

I haven't been watching. It's raining, so I'm catching up on indoor chores.

Pamela said...

I watched Karen. I've been rooting for Kolya the whole tournament. I love watching him, even though I know most find him boring. He's such a clean hitter of the ball and I find his unassuming nature worth rooting for almost all of the time. So .. yay Davy! :)

His match with Ferrer was really good. He frustrated the devil out of Ferrer.

I'm watching doubles now only because I want Ernie to win and I like Tursunov as well.

Karen said...

Hi Pamela, I am watching the doubles as well - I tell you when there is a drought a thirsty man will drink just about anything. I will even stand to listen to those 2 idiots who are doing commentary. I have to admit Davydenko has really grown on me. I liked his celebration this morning and I am glad he took out Ferrer. I used to like that guy (Ferrer that is) but for some reason he has sort of turned me off these days. I have no idea why. Must be my very fickle nature with men on a whole. This doubles match is quite entertaining. First I have actually watched Gulbis play - he is quite a cutie

Matthew said...

Oh, Sam Querrey. You know what we don't really need right now? Another American perennial finalist, who has real trouble trying to seal the deal.

James Blake's record in finals: 10-14.

Mardy Fish's: 3-10.

Sam is halfway to being 1-3.

Well, there's nothing really wrong with having a career like James or Mardy - there are lots of tennis players who would kill for having gotten to 24 finals in their career. But still, Andy Roddick had better keep playing until he's 35, or else there isn't going to be any one to take his place.

tangerine said...

The fans and tournaments are "blah" this week because all the top players are taking much needed vacations.

These smaller tournaments are made for journeymen and the b-list squad of players.

Winning tier III events are what keep players like Davydenko ranked in the top ten.

Karen said...

Between Hamburg and Indy, I have to say that Hamburg was a better quality match. The tennis today was abysmal. Sam Querrey really needs to find a Plan B. He cannot go through life hitting the crap out of the ball and expect to win matches. His whole on court attitude today also sucked big time. Quite upset that Ginepri won as his personality and style of play does nothing for me. Also very poor attitude on court. What is it about the players that I saw this week from Indy that just does not inspire me. Aah well. On to Stanford. I will make sure that I take some 1/2 day vacations in order to watch the ladies. Have lots of vacation days which I need to use before the end of the year.

Pamela said...

Karen, I agree. Ernie is cute, but he really does have a massive game. If he could just control it and oh, I don't know .. win a match, I'd be a happy girl.

Hamburg was a far better tournament to watch if you ask me. The quality was better and the play was more exciting.

Oh well, on to Bank of the West Classic aka Stanford. That should be an interesting one.

Karen said...

Pamela, what I loved about Gulbis today was that he seemed to be enjoying himself on the court, which is good to see. Hopefully he will be able to regain his confidence and make a run during the USO series. It is good that he is playing some doubles, as that should give him some confidence in his game. I just read a fan report over at TW and they were talking about the practice sessions of some of the ladies at Stanford. Apparently the WS are working on their serves, Masha's serves is still in the toilet (or rather the bottom of the net), Kirilenko apparently was killing her serves, JJ was craptastic and the fan was of the view that she would not get far. Waiting to see match starts tomorrow when tennis really starts. Should be fantastic.