Saturday, July 11, 2009

Serena On Letterman

Day late and a dollar short, but I missed it live.


dapxin said...

haha. Serena!

Beth said...

What a very nice interview. Really informative and funny and an eye opener for me. Liked seeing her in this casual context. She is so bubbly and really enjoyed seeing this side of her. The dress though......sorry but it looked like some kind of bridesmaid getup......she is so beautiful but that outfit....

Pamela said...

She looks and sounds very happy. I saw where she did the kids clinic at Randalls Island and won her matches for World Team Tennis. She's been busy and she has the upcoming Mission Skin Care on HSN soon that will benefit her charity.

Then you have "journalists" like Jason Whitlock over at FoxSports who say things like ... nevermind. I can't even type it because it's the most ridiculous piece of trash I've ever read about her, but since he's a "journalist" he can get away with unprofessional filth.

I said all that to say, that I'm happy for her. She seems focused and intent on doing well at this stage of her career even with her outside endeavors. (and hateful pieces written about her in which she was far too nice in her response)

And yes Beth, the dress is not flattering on her at all.

In case anyone doesn't know what I'm rambling about:

Beth said...

Pamela, I read the Jason Whitlock piece. Wow, pretty no holds barred. He definitely chose not to mince words but also seemed prepared to take the heat for it.

I have to say that I have always wondered about Serena's fitness. She is a large girl and I could not but wonder how her game, speed and reaction time would be improved if her fitness level was at it's highest. Then again, maybe that is her highest? How would I know?

If I'm remembering correctly from her Letterman interview, she implied that practice/training is hard for her and that being on court competing is what she wants.

Beth said...
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Beth said...

Don't get me wrong, his approach was classless and did not sound like sports writing but his questions about her fitness....I think they are fair (if not phrased horribly).

Karen said...

but beth, I have always wondered about people's perception of fitness. Here it is we have a big girl like Serena (and she is big, but not fat - huge difference). She is also one of the fastest and best movers on the WTA tour. Her anticipation is way under-rated. I have seen Serena go toe to toe with some of the quickest ball strikers on tour and has come out on top. Who can forget that 18 or was it 20 shot rally during the AO semi against Dementieva when she broken at 4-4 all in the second set. She ran down that short ball and put it away for a winner. I think because of Serena's ass and her bosom people think that she is not fit, but in my view she is. She has gotten older and while some players may be a little slow as they get older, I think Serena has worked on other aspects of her game in order to keep her in contention at the majors.

Craig Hickman said...

Pamela, thanks for much for littering all over these comments with that link. ;)

I hadn't read Whitlock till today.

From where I sit Serena has been battling genes for a long time. While she has always been thick, she has not always been fit.

See: Wimbledon 2005. Her midsection was extra large and she could hardly catch her breath between points, which is why Angela Haynes is probably still kicking herself for not building a career on the back of a defeat over Serena Williams in the first round of Wimbledon.

Today, Serena's thicker than she was in 2002, because, well, people with certain genes fill out as they age, but she's also the fittest she's been in years.

See: Wimbledon 2009. You simply cannot outlast Elena Dementieva in three grueling sets if you're not fit. Dementieva is arguably the fittest player on tour and always has been.

Serena spoke about how all she did during the clay court season when her leg was injured was work on her cardiovascular fitness to get ready for the grind of Paris and the quick turnaround in London. Serena played singles and doubles in both events and I don't think anyone would argue that physical exhaustion caused her to lose a break lead over Kuznetsova in the third set in Paris.

As Serena has said in both seriousness and jest, she's always going to have large breasts, a big ass and the thighs to go with it.


Sure her joints, especially her knees, could benefit from less thickness. But you must play with the hand you're dealt and Serena seems to be playing just fine.

Pamela said...

Your perception is your reality. I'd love for her to be a little lighter, but asking her to be much smaller is unrealistic because of her body type. She won singles and doubles in Australia as well as Wimbledon and instead of appreciation for that fantastic feat - we get "She’d rather eat, half-ass her way through non-major tournaments."

(right after she went 3 hours with Dementieva who is undoubtedly "fit" by the writer's standards)

How many marquee players do you see on either tour playing singles and doubles at the slams?

Thanks for making the point about genetics, Craig. People assume since Venus is long and lean that Serena should be as well, and she's not - the conclusion is laziness.

Karen said...

I also think that Serena is much fitter than Venus.