Sunday, August 09, 2009

In No Mood

Juan Martin Del Potro of Argentina holds aloft the trophy after defeating Andy Roddick of the U.S. in the finals of the Legg Mason Tennis Classic in Washington, August 9, 2009.

Andy Roddick was in no mood to win his fourth Legg Mason Classic title today while Juan Martín del Potro was in no mood to lose it. Such a scenario between two evenly matched players produces today's tight, tight result. The Argentinean's gonads seem to be swelling. The American's....

Italy's Flavia Pennetta poses with her trophy after winning the LA Women's Tennis Championships singles final over Australia's Samantha Stosur in Carson, California, August 9, 2009.

I was in no mood to watch the women's final. Flavia Pennetta goes a step farther than last year at the LA Women's Tennis Open while Samantha Stosur remains title-less.


Matt said...

Stosur is a serial choker. I doubt she will ever win a title. A player that hasn't won a title by her age has issues. There are a ton of uber average players (much worse than her) that HAVE won titles. I think it's purely mental with poor Stosur. To be able to produce big wins over players ranked higher in the earlier rounds, then to ultimately choke in the final is excruciating to watch. I'm an Aussie but patriotism is out the window with this one.

Karen said...

Morning All. 2 big tournaments. No tv coverage. What else is new? We get the little run of the mill tournies and we get coverage. I am really trying to justify having TC but everyday it seems like a waste of good money. Not even their Grand Slam coverage is any good as all they seem to be getting is a highlight show these days. Let me see what type of coverage they give the USO and then we will see. People in Europe are getting better television coverage of tennis in North America than people in North America.
I am with Matt. If a player has not won a singles title by the time they hit a certain age, they never will. If Zheng had had a bigger serve she would have won that match. The only thing that Stosur could use to take out Zheng was that kick serve. Flavia took that away from her yesterday by returning the ball down the line. Plus off the ground Flavia was just better.
@Craig, you have to understand something, Juan Martin is a young up and comer and he has been putting in a lot of time and effort into his mentality as well as his fitness. If but for the fact that Roger has more experience in big match situations he would have been knocked out at the semis stage by Juan Martin. AndyR has nothing to be ashamed of. He played a great match yesterday and lost it in a third set tiebreak. Nothing to do with cojones. As I said sometimes in matches it is hard when you have to have a winner and a loser. What I found disturbing was the lack of interest displayed by his wife. Each time Andy played a terrific shot, the camera panned to her for a reaction and she either had her head bowed, or just looked into space with seeming disinterest. When you observe some players' wives and girlfriends and see how enthused they are with the game, it just leaves a sad taste in my mouth when I see Andy's wife just looking bored.
Sheet even Common at the USO last year was hiding in the upper decks cheering on his girl. Has that relationship died. Have not seen them together for awhile.

oddman said...

I have seen Brooklyn cheering for her man at other times, Karen. Quite a few, actually. Maybe she was feeling the heat and humidity? Maybe not feeling well? Maybe a spat? Shrug. I'm cutting her some slack.

Savannah said...

Serena and Common are still together. There were very recent pics taken of them in LA together.

Karen said...

@Oddman thanks for that. It always just seems to me that she looks quite bored.
@Savannah, really that is good that they still seem to be together

Karen said...

Hi Craig, I have started a one woman blog petition online to call the powers that be to task about the lack of effective coverage of WTA and ATP tour events and just general coverage. The link is here. There is no need to comment on the blog, but I would like your assistance in getting my words out to the mainstream media. This type of coverage in which we are paying big money for a service that as fans we are not getting. I installed a 6ft dish, and pay additional money to subscribe to Dish Network here in the Caribbean just to get 1 measly channel and every single day all I see is Murphy's Guide and Meeka at some place that I can never afford to go. Link to blog is here:

Craig Hickman said...

Karen, del Potro won the match because he took the bigger risks on the biggest points.

Andy played not to lose and he lost.

That has everything to do with gonads.

I was impressed with del Potro's focus in the final set and especially the tiebreak he produced. He played the kind of tiebreak Andy used to play when he was winning Masters and a Slam. For all of Andy's improvements, the most has been his emotional maturity on the court. But yesterday, he regressed. After he dropped serve in the final set on a double fault, he allowed everything under the sun to interfere with the task at hand and that is why he was so unsure of himself he was unable to come up with anything big on serve when he was down a break point or when he needed to produce in the breaker. Look at the final tiebreak score. Andy never even held a match point. Yes, he saved one of the four he faced with a wicked return of serve off a first serve that drew an error. But it wasn't enough to defeat a man who simply would not be defeated. Del Potro served so much clutch aces in the final set tiebreak, Roddick lost the match on his own serve.

When Roddick is confident and in the habit of winning, he doesn't lose matches on his on serve.

It's going to be interesting to see how long it takes him to get over Wimbledon.

If he gets over it at all.

pompelmo said...

Welcome back
Kim Clijsters looked strong in her first match since retiring in 2007 and having a daughter last year, beating Marion Bartoli 6-4, 6-3 at the Cincinnati Open.

Karen said...

Craig, I wondered about Andy's mental focus when he started arguing with the chair umpire etc., but I just felt that he was getting anxious about the match. In addition, when he saved those match points I actually thought that he had a chance as when he changed ends he did a Serena, i.e. ran around on the opposite side of his opponent. I am not sure I agree with the whole gonads thing, it was just a case of Del Potro seeing the ball very well and executing his game plan. Both guys played really good tennis and as said previously, just a pity that someone had to lose. As to the Wimbledon thing, I dont think he will ever get over that, but that is what separates men from boys. It is not how you suffered the loss but how you recover from it. The question that Andy must be asking himself is whether he still has the game to defeat the top guys and win another major? If he has to think about that, then all is lost. I think he still believes that he can. It is whether he can bring that belief to the Court because there are some hungry guys out there. Also, is Andy looking a little bit skinnier now than he did at Wimbledon. He looks positively anorexic. It is all well and good to lose weight, but his cheeks looks sunken and his eyes looks like he has not been sleeping well