Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Married Marat?

That's the word on the streets, anyway. Nastya Osipova, a soloist with the Russian pop-group Blestyachie, is Marat Safin's bride to be.


Matt said...

She is simply terrifying!!!!!!!

dremajreed said...

This whole thing is made up by the Russian tabloids. He has said there will be no wedding and when asked by an Argentine sports caster if he had a girlfriend while in Paris, he said, "Yes. Sort of. A little. A little."

Charlie said...

Yikes, how old is she?
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dremajreed said...

You are behind the times. He has dumped this girl. It was all a lot of POX as Marat said. He is not marrying her or anyone at the moment.