Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quote For The Day

"I am very motivated. I hope to quickly return to the Top 20.... I'll take anyone in the first round -- Nadal, Federer, a qualifier, doesn't matter who, I don't care.... I was very unhappy to find myself for a long time in front of the television. I know I'm no longer part of the best in the world, but I hope to find myself there again."--Richard Gasquet, on returning to main draw competition at the US Open


Helen W said...

Interesting comment. Could it really be that this event will actually turn things around for Gasquet, and that he will finally start to play to his talent? I'd love to see that.

We shall see.

Craig Hickman said...

If he doesn't he never will.

He, of all people, knows that he dodged a huge bullet.

This is his second chance to grow some gonads and win a Slam.

We shall see.

Eric Koston said...

Roger Federer- 2006- "Gasquet, a good player on grass - on any surface really. Big talent." "Richard Gasquet, I think he's a wonderful player off the back of the court. He now mixes it up very well, coming to the net much more. He's got a nice slice, fantastic backhand. He's really improved. I think he's going to be one of the good players in the future." "I really hope he's going to be at the very top of the rankings soon."
"the guy who can back it up day in, day out. I think that's what Gasquet is starting to do. I think that's why we'll see much, much more from him in the future."

ceruleanxstar said...

Well, he got his...wish. Gasquet vs. Nadal, first round. As much as I'd like for him to grow some and win, let's hope it's not here :)