Sunday, August 30, 2009

Quote For The Day

“Well, I’m surprised to hear that, because I don’t have to wear anything or do anything anybody tells me. I do everything myself. It’s really up to me.”--Roger Federer, upon hearing that many of his fans defended his ubiquitous monogram as something Nike made him do.

(Thanks, HoiHa)


Dapxin said...

oh well well.

next quote please. lol

Michael Wilhelmsen said...

Oh, you're smiling now, huh? :P

Eric Koston said...

2007 U.S. Open

Q. Usually it's a fashion show for the girls. Guys are usually left out of that. You made a statement with the black.
ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I mean, why not? It still looks like tennis attire. I'm not saying the women sometimes it goes overboard, but sometimes it looks more like a dress to go into the city than go on the tennis court. Of course, it's always going to look that way because they are dresses.
But for me I thought it was a cool mix with kind of the tuxedo kind of looks, all black. Why not? Especially at night. During the day you could never wear a black shirt anyway because it would be too hot. I kind of like to do sophisticated statements. Also at Wimbledon with the jacket, I kind of took a chance. I thought I was going to look like an idiot. But kind of people liked it. I thought actually it was a great idea. So I backed it up this year with an entire outfit, and here in New York with a black one. So it's good stuff.

Craig Hickman said...

What say you, Eric Koston?

oddman said...

So. Gone for a few days, come back to find absolutely nothing has changed. Why did I think differently? D'uh. Silly silly me.

Where are all the Fedfans stressing about Rogi's tough draw? What, no comments about the initials plastered all over everything? Or did the NYTimes get it right?

Oh, my. Bitter this am, aren't I - better have some nice sweet tea to get some sugar in my system - I sound like a grump, lol.

lynney62 said...'re funny! LOL!

Eric Koston said...

Craig Hickman said...

I see. Impressive.

Still, what say you?

Eric Koston said...

Hick, I've been known to say some things from time to time.