Friday, August 14, 2009


That's how I'm feeling right about now.

After a rough few days on the farm, I can't be upset with Serena Williams phoning in a loss to Sybille Bammer yesterday in Cincy; excited about Andy Roddick defeating Novak Djokovic in straights to advance to yet another semifinal this year; moved by Kim Clijsters' comeback or loss to the world No. 1 today; exhilarated that Jo-Wilfried Tsonga beat Roger Federer after being down 1-5 in the final set and failing to convert a string of match points in the routine part of the set.

It's simply all background music.

Right now, Juan Martín del Potro is playing Rafael Nadal in the final quarterfinal in Montreal and I really can't bring myself to pay much attention to it.

What on earth is happening to me?

I adore this sport, yet I don't feel compelled to watch much of its action of late.

Farm (and all the beauty and heartbreak it attends) or no farm, this year's tennis season feels abnormally long and the US Open isn't even upon us.

What's a tennis fanatic to do?


oddman said...

I don't have any answers for you, Craig. I have been feeling a bit like that until tonight. But seeing Andy play so well against Novak, and then finally seeing Rafa play for the first time (I missed the other match) has got me a bit more into tennis now.

Andy looked so cool and calm. Amazing! Larry Stefanki? Brooklyn? He just looks fantastic - believes in himself. I feel the old hope rising again, damn that hope anyway. :)

Craig Hickman said...

It's so odd to not be compelled to watch tennis.

I'm sure it will pass. I suspect my disinterest has as much to do with things unrelated to tennis as it does with all things tennis related, but still....

This too shall pass?

oddman said...

I'd agree. You've been busy farming. I've been busy with my hobby - it's occupying alot of my time right now. Tennis is on the back burner.

Come USO time, I suspect the disinterest will be gone.

Pamela said...

It has been fairly obvious Craig, hence so few posts lately. I've been keeping up with everything. The WTA has me disinterested, but I keep up all the same.

The ATP is fairly exciting for me, even though Rafa just lost. I feel hopeful because the rust showed. That will go away. It wasn't the knees. The court positioning and feet will get better over time.

So yes, this too shall pass.

Michael said...

Maybe a little burnout, Craig? Maybe it's time for a break until the hunger returns. I'm sure it will.

I feel the same way about the professional game, so I'm trying to spend more time actually playing.

Karen said...

Morning All. I actually felt that way during the lull in the season but as soon as tennis was on my screen, I started watching again. I have to confess though that I am quite selective about the matches that I do watch as I find that it is so much easier to expend energy watching players with whom I have a rooting interest. I am currently watching Flavia/Dinara and I am trying to figure out why does Venus have so much trouble with Flavia, because all Flavia has is her movement which is simply not working for her in this match. She is playing someone whose movement is very suspect and who Venus/Serena make look ordinary each time they step on the court with her, yet right now she is looking quite ordinary. Man, if I hate anything it is Dinara's grunting. Sounds like someone having really painful sex.

lynney62 said...

Feeling the "blahs" here too. It's just the dog-days of summer, I think....actually looking forward to fall, leaves changing color, crisp evenings, and that first fire in the fireplace. Hoping to get perked up a bit when US Open starts.....

Karen said...

It would perhaps help if things in tennis were not shaping up so badly. God, could it be possible that Andy Murray may become No.1 before the year is out. Oh say it aint so. Also, it would help if TC would perhaps show some recent classic matches - you know from say 1999 onwards - classics featuring people who are still playing. And as to the tape delayed broadcasts, ugh. Perhaps it is the whatever that Roger felt yesterday when he choked a match whilst leading 5-1 - decided he did not wish to come back out in this hot Montreal sun when he could be playing with his girls. This fellow is so not long for retirement.

Pamela said...

Karen, to answer your question about Venus and Flavia: Stamina.

Venus just does not have the stamina that she used to, for whatever reason. She needs those quick matches, dictate points quickly and end it. That's why she does so well at Wimbledon.

I'm almost positive there's no way she could have played a nearly 3 hour match in her semis and come out ready to go and play doubles the way Serena did.

Flavia is essentially a clay courter and patient patient patient. Today she was fatigued, even though Dinara owns her. She shouldnt have lost that badly.