Monday, September 07, 2009

Face Of The Day

Flavia Pennetta of Italy reacts to winning her match against Vera Zvonareva of Russia at the U.S. Open tennis tournament in New York, September 6, 2009.

Flavia Pennetta of Italy reacts to winning her match against Vera Zvonareva of Russia in the best match of the Day 7 at the US Open.


Savannah has up a good review of Day 7 action featuring some interesting player quotes over in her world. My farm stand is swamped and I haven't even had coffee yet. I'll post an open thread soon as I get another moment.


Beth said...

Rafa's match yesterday against Almagro was a nice sight for sore eyes. Certainly Almagro put up some fight but Rafa had answers. I'm truly disappointed to see AR gone. So many of his matches of Kate seem so close and so POSSIBLE for him. What's happening? That loss to Isner HAD to sting. Just too close. Did Wimbledon wreck him?

Beth said...

Meant to say matches of LATE....

oddman said...

Yes, ugly ugly match yesterday. Rafa was lucky he got an Almagro spraying balls everywhere, and losing serve on a regular basis. Hope the abdominal strain settles down, but I doubt it :(

Mmmm..mmmm.. fresh farm produce - Craig, it sounds so good! Hope you get a ton of sales today. But take some time off, it is a holiday, you know.

edma1022 said...

Curious. I watched the Rafa-Nico match intently and observed Rafa using his heavy topspin FH, the one that follows-thru on top of his head ALL THE TIME. He rarely uses his flatter, straighter FH ball (ff-thru on the shoulder), and when he does he gets a clean winner each time. And yet, in practice, I saw him beat the crap out of the tennis ball with this stroke and prayed - "gosh, if this hits Roger even 7 out of 10 times a game, we're toast!!!".

This means Rafa is really a percentage player who rarely goes out of his comfort zone. A lot of people call him a moonballer but they haven't seen his flatter groundstrokes skimming 3-4 inches from the tape.


oddman said...

You figure he didn't feel the need to use his flatter FH yesterday, edma1022?

Didn't do a whole lot for my own confidence, that match.

Michael said...

What's happening to Gisela? She is sometimes getting game points, but isn't converting at all. She's a game away from being double bageled. Is this your girl, Craig?

Helen W said...

Wow! Exciting first match on Ashe! Will the bagel turn into a double bagel?

Shouldn't this stuff be relegated to a practice court or something?

Katri said...

I agree with oddman on Rafa's match, I don't see him going that much further either.

After the match Rafa was not happy at all. Maybe he realised something? He looked tired too.
And refusing to discuss injuries with the press? Strange on a day you take a 10 minute medical timeout during a match. Bad signs all over. :-(

But then again, Rafa is Rafa. He will try, but I am a doubtful fan right now.

Helen W said...

Me too, Katri. I think Rafa went into the USO with the goal of improving his match play with each match, after his long layoff. That being said, it is distressing to see him suffering from yet another injury, and I doubt he can recover from an abdominal injury left over from Cincy in 2 days.

edma1022 said...

oddman: I think even if you tied both Rafa's knees he would still find a way to win against Almagro. Nico never was never able to hide his awe of his countryman since as far as I remember.

What I'm saying is - Rafa's flatter strokes are meaner than his topspin FHands on this court type. Although you can make a case that Nico (or many others) can use that pace too to shoot back against him.

Having said that, Rafa's still in the hunt. I think he can take this all the way.

Just saying.

oddman said...

edma1022 said:...'Although you can make a case that Nico (or many others) can use that pace too to shoot back against him....'

True. I think he has to be careful on the hc's with some of the big hitters. Verdasco semi at the AO - Nando hits big, and being a lefty too, took away that advantage. IMO, that match was pivotal. He kind of did the same thing with Simon at the AO as I recall.