Friday, September 11, 2009

US Open 2009 Day 12 Open Thread

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 10:  (L-R) Leander Paes of India, Cara Black of Zimbabwe, Travis Parrott and Carly Gullickson pose with the championship trophies after the Mixed Doubles Final match on day eleven of the 2009 U.S. Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on September 10, 2009 in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City. Gullickson/Parrott defeated Paes/Black 6-2, 6-4.

(L-R) Leander Paes of India, Cara Black of Zimbabwe, Travis Parrott and Carly Gullickson pose with the championship trophies after the Mixed Doubles Final match on day eleven of the 2009 U.S. Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on September 10, 2009 in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City. Gullickson/Parrott defeated Paes/Black 6-2, 6-4.


I'll say nothing about the women's semifinals. Whatever will be will be.

As for the rest of the schedule, all I'll say is there's luck and there's no luck at all.



Arthur Ashe Stadium 16:00 Start Time

1. Women's Singles - Semifinals
Kim Clijsters (BEL) v. Serena Williams (USA)[2]

Not Before:15:30
4. Men's Doubles - Finals
Lukas Dlouhy (CZE)[4] v. Mahesh Bhupathi (IND)[3]
Leander Paes (IND)[4] Mark Knowles (BAH)[3]
This match may be moved to Armstrong Stadium.

Louis Armstrong Stadium 16:00 Start Time

2. Men's Singles - Quarterfinals
Rafael Nadal (CHI)[11] v. Fernando Gonzalez (ESP)[3]
To Finish 7-6(4) 6-6(3)

Grandstand 16:00 Start Time

3. Women's Singles - Semifinals
Yanina Wickmayer (BEL) v. Caroline Wozniacki (DEN)[9]


Beth said...

I hope the stoppage of play will work in Rafa's favor. Not sure how bad the ab was feeling last night but hopefully rest and treatment will put him in good stead for today. That is, if the weather allows for play to happen at all.

SarooQ said...

I Just think its sooo unfair to Rafa/Gonzo. They will have no breaks whereas Delpo and Novak/Fed will be well rested. Its not the players fault, or even really the rain...but the tournament needs to be organized like Wimbledon/RG where everyone has equal days off (i.e. USO has their first rounds over a period of 3 days and not 2. Hence one half of the draw gets two days off before the SF and the other half gets only 1 day off, which in itself is dangerous b/c if it rains, then the draw that only has 1 day off before the SF gets no days off till the Championship match is over).

USO needs to make srue all players get equal footing. If novak and fed get two days off before SF then so should Rafa/Gonzo and Delpo....

Sorry, i am just so mad at the USO officials right now. This just makes it extremely unfair for RAFA/Gonzo against Delpo. Yesterday, they KNEW rain was coming, they could've moved some matches (i.e. the doubles) to Louis Armstrong and this way RAFA/Gonzo could've come out earlier...i know i know...people paid for night session matches....BUT I think players before the bottom line.

Sorry had to vent my frustration!

Karen said...

I am really beginning to think that this schedule thing is not a conspiracy tyeory. Some people just cannot catch a break. Ugh

pompelmo said...

Cheap jobs are for idiots. That is the reason. Scheduling is not nuclear physics. Yet, so many misscheduling.

Raja had sooooooo much unfair advantage this time, and I am not talking about the draw.

Helen W said...

Well well well. It's been announced that Rafa-Gonzo match will be moved to Armstrong. Kinda like last year no?

Same old, same old, same old.

Craig Hickman said...

Interesting that they just showed highlights of the 1999 final. Serena didn't out-muscle Hingis in that match. She outsmarted her. Something for which none of the propagandists have ever given Serena credit.

Pamela said...

Craig, as a Serena fan you and I both know that's not something that will ever change. Kind of like last year's final at the USO - she grinded it out patiently but ... overpowered is synonymous with her name. I'm so over it.

As for what's going on right now, it just feels like Deja vu for Rafa. I know they didn't plan for the rain and all of that, but it's still they can do a better scheduling job.

Craig Hickman said...

As someone already pointed out, both men's quarterfinals should have been played in the day session yesterday. Del Potro/Cilic should have been moved to Armstrong and Rafa/Gonzo on Ashe after the mixed doubles final.

But that would have been too much like right.

Beth said...

Way too much like right. This sucks. Now the two women's semis and the Rafa/Gonzo match are going to be played simultaneously at 5pm? I hope they can get through the three of them.....

Dapxin said...

U yanks should get a freaking covers on the courts, I am so bored of looking over the time/weather/schedules/twitter :)

like we r waiting for a rocket launch

Dapxin said...

where yanks = USO people :) before I get spanked here.

pompelmo said...

I don't think it is feasable to cover that thing. The court is huge!

They should pull the tournament to mid-august.

Pamela said...

The only plan for the rest of the day is to somehow get Rafa/Gonzo's match completed in front of about 5 people and end this day. The women's semi is canceled. At least this way, they'll be on somewhat fair grounds if it rains all day tomorrow, as it has been said it will. If they finish tonight, then they'll get at least 24 hours of rest before the semi, less than the others, but it beats consecutive days of play.

PeytonAllen said...

I can't fully blame the USO for trying to play the night session last night. If they thought there was a window to get it in, you get it in. People pay for the night session, etc. Its about money. If the radar showed there was no hope at night earlier in the day you move it. They gambled and lost.

I think the day off helps Rafa. He gets treatment and rest. The key is the tiebreaker resume. Gotta win that and finish off in 3. Then the best case is maybe 70 minutes on court tomorrow?

4 days in a row would've been rough. Now its' just three, but if he loses the tiebreaker and puts in like 2 hours tomorrow, obviously he's back in the same boat.

I hate the Wednesday 1st round delay. Get it all in in two days like everyone else. I like Super Saturday but think the Men's final should be moved to primetime. I'd even say Monday night, but without a roof if you get rain you're looking at Tuesday, etc. But with a roof a Monday Primetime would be sweet.

Anyway, best case for Rafa after last night.

Craig Hickman said...

Peytonallen I take issue with everything in sport being all about money.

Fair play is just as important.

Savannah said...

They knew today was going to be a washout. No excuse for not moving those doubles matches, letting night ticket holders get in during the day and playing both mens quarterfinals on Ashe yesterday. It's not rocket science.

PeytonAllen said...


If you buy tickets for a night session and expect to see a Men's quarter-final round, I don't see how just being let in to roam the grounds during the day helps. Maybe you work, etc. I don't think you cancel the match willynilly.

I can forgive the USO if they realistically thought they could get the match in by starting earlier and maybe playing through a break. You have to try to appease the fans who paid money to see a night match.

After the tiebreaker delay they thought for an hour they'd have a clearing. The weather is the weather if they were being told they could have a few hours to squeeze in the match you do it.

Craig Hickman said...

Never thought about them playing both men's quarters on Ashe. But that would've worked too.

Here's my question:

Why does the "greatest player of all time" need so much advantageouss scheduling Slam after Slam after Slam after Slam after.... ?

Just asking.

Craig Hickman said...

Peytonallen, I call bullshit.

Michael said...

Can anyone remember a time when Federer had shorter rest than his opponent in a final or semifinal of a slam? Even once? I can't.

I'm not claiming conspiracy. Maybe it just seems like the other matches will be more competitive, so they move those to night matches, and rain delays can't affect a finished match.

Pamela said...

The curse of the night sessions revisited. Rather than see that fairness prevailed — that a grand-slam tournament actually put the tennis first — the sport again bowed to its paymasters in television and had been comprehensively dumped upon.

We are not the only ones who see the pay out as being a bigger concern than actual fair play.

Savannah said...

Peyton keep in mind they KNEW this was coming for two or three days at least. This is the internet age. IF THEY REALLY WANTED TO BE FAIR they would have put the word out that those with night session tickets would have them honored for an earlier starting time. The travel agencies that bring many of the people to NYC would've done all they could to accommodate the situation.

What they did do is make sure they didn't have to refund any money for last night. What they're going to do about today is different.

They could've done better by the players.

edma1022 said...


it's unclear to me why Roger is being singled out as the beneficiary in the inclement weather re-scheduling. i thought there's still 5 players in the men's draw who are still in the hunt? after all, rain hits everyone, no?

i read that tio tony himself was glad for the break. it's good for rafa coz he was in pain the first night.

poor, poor, rafa. the knee injury, the not-so-100%-fit coming into the USO, the 'fixed' draw, etc.

pffft! this sympathy game is overplayed.

just saying.

PeytonAllen said...

Craig lol. I knew it was getting deep in here just didn't know how deep. :)

Savannah you guys are probably right. I mean I'm sick about Rafa getting screwed by the schedule again.

I just assumed the night folks would get some sort of discount or something, but if they don't have to offer refunds for partial play I see your point.

The problem with telling night ticket people, "hey come early to see the match in Ashe or Armstong" is wouldn't those tickets already be sold? And probably be sell-outs?

You're right it was a refund decision and they chose to get it in.

Again I would LIKE to think they had hopeful weather report that they could get the match in. It just amazes me that they said "we have a 2 hour clearing" and then 20 minutes later "we're screwed."

The best case for Rafa again happened. Today was a wash. He gets his day off.

I wonder what time CBS starts coverage Sunday. Still at 4? Do they pass off one of the semi-finals to espn?

Craig Hickman said...

Don't get me wrong. I like Neil Harman. And this is a real question:

Did he write something similar about Wimbledon last year?


ed, if you're yawning, perhaps you need to get some sleep. ;)

PeytonAllen said...


Hey at least Rafa doesn't cry after he gets a beat down to draw sympathy from people.

I agree though. I thought they've over hyped his knee injury though he said it was fine. But, it's his first real test on it. And if Fed had an injury during the tournament they'd handle it the same way.

Rafa may lose to Gonzo or Del Porto. You're right. I think the point though is he's to this point the only one to handle Fed in a Slam. And for the second time he's got the bad end of the weather deal. Or do you not remember the '07 Wimby Final?

Pamela said...

I don't know if he did or not, Craig. It's still a legitimate question or observation. Regardless of who ends up being the beneficiary of such actions, they shouldn't have to be tolerated.

Fair play is fair play. Some things should come before ads and television time slots. They rarely manage to get live action on when it matters, tape delay wouldn't kill them in the interest of fair play for all players concerned.

Craig Hickman said...

I'm saying this as a fan of neither:

If they over hyped Rafa's knee injury, then they sure as hell over-hyped Raja's mono.

Just as recently as Cincy, I was reminded that Raja couldn't get out of bed.

The propagandists' chosen ones all need excuses for losing.

Andy Murray "overtrained", after all.

rabbit said...

Playing both quarterfinals yesterday in Ashe seems like an absolutely brilliant idea now, but isn't it only in retrospect? I didn't see any comments anywhere yesterday or earlier calling for it. (If the rain had started only 90 mins later last night, we might not have been in this position at all.)

I think for all this focus on Roger, JMDP might end up being the winner because of this situation. He is anyways a formidable opponent, not to mention with a couple of days' rest over Rafa. And if that happens, the winner of the top half won't have any advantage at all.

edma1022 said...


ah, the oveplayed sympathy card. i should pony up more money on rafa in the penny ante stakes. this weather is helping his USO run.

the fed-haters are forgetting he's only 2-5 against rafa in slam finals!

if at all, this global conspiracy is indeed helping him win slams.

try again.

besides, if rafa can try to shave off 30 seconds each service motion, he could have finished gonzo off before the rains came.


rabbit said...

The overtraining excuse cracks me up!

oddman said...

Gah! Rafa's been saying ALL along this tourney that 'the knees are fine'. Yet the media keep asking him about it. He didn't WANT to talk about his abdominal strain. He said so in his pressers. Unfortunately the media and commies bring up these things all the time. It's not like he's blabbing away about the abd. Tio Toni didn't offer anything about it until he was asked. Meh.

Of course the media's going to ask about the injuries, since the guy missed two months with it (knees). It's news to them. Sigh.

Another bother - I read posts (not here) about how Rafa's 'faking a knee injury, look at him run, he's not injured...' well, HELLO!!! That's what he just said, the knees are fine. After two months to rest and rehab, I'd be one pissed off player if my knees were still injured. D'uh.......!!!!

Beverly said...

Craig asks:
Here's my question:

Why does the "greatest player of all time" need so much advantageouss scheduling Slam after Slam after Slam after Slam after.... ?

Indeed!!!! That's the question I've been asking myself for a long time too.

This is not just an instance of one-time incompetence. There's a pattern here. Wimbledon 2007, USO last year, Australian this year, USO again this year. Probably if Rafa had played Wimbledon this year it would be yet another case of the never-ending advantages that are given consistently to someone who supposedly is the GOAT yet always has the playing field skewed in his favor.

Usually Rafa (who happens to be Federer's only true competition, especially in slams) gets the brunt of it - the hardest draw, the least rest, inordinate number of bad calls. At Wimbledon a couple years ago everyone in the semis except for Federer played days on end without rest and all were injured as result - Gasquet, Djokovic, Nadal.

It seems like the silence in the media about this gross unfairness is what keeps this happening time and again. Let's face it - there is a totally lack of integrity as far as providing a level playing field and chalking it up to bad luck or weather does not explain it. Calling it incompetence is a copout. As someone else said, scheduling is not nuclear physics.

If it was acknowledged by more commentators and writers - that it is not fair that the schedule is arranged so one person has a super-easy draw as well as the most rest so he can falsely triumph over the other finalist who has come through the toughest players and has no rest - we might see the end of this tournament fixing but the silence is deafening. We've all see Federer can win with that setup. We'll never know whether he can win a slam without these advantages as we can all depend on it -- he will continue to get these special, monumental advantages.

Bottom line is that the USO organizers knew that it would rain for sure in the evening. They thought it was fine that Rafa and Gonzo should put up with stop-and- start playing and/or have no day off for the rest of the tournament.

For those who think Rafa got a chance to rest - it's clearly not restful waiting around all day, being prepared to go out and play in a short time if the rain should stop. All of this causes stress, tension and emotional exhaustion and every one knows how much of a mental game tennis is.

The amazing thing is that in even this strung-out state Rafa was still ahead of Federer at Wimbledon 2007 until his knee gave out and he beat Federer and made him cry at the AO even though he once again had the tougher competitor in the semis and far less rest than Federer.

I wonder how many more slams Nadal would have now if he got the same "privileges" slam after slam after slam.

Beverly said...

Damn! Sorry about the double post. Is there a way to delete our own posts here?

oddman said...

Beverley said:
...'It seems like the silence in the media about this gross unfairness is what keeps this happening time and again...'

I have noticed articles mentioning this and asking similar questions this year, Bev. Neil Harmon's latest was pretty good. There's not a lot of talk about this, but the silence isn't so deafening, you can hear the occasional cricket chirping.

Beverly said...

Pamela, thanks a lot for posting that link to the Neil Harman article.


Someone in the media came right out and didn't mince words! If we could have some of that in the U.S. media it would be even better. It's heartening anyway that one person in the media won't shut up about the elephant in the room. The tournament organizers need to know that people are on to their tactics of rigging the schedule and claiming incompetence.

PeytonAllen said...


That post was a little far fetched for me. I mean, don't you think the USO would want to ensure a Rafa/Roger final? It's the only marquee matchup.

The uso as been said here favored money, but no one player. Fed being through already this week and in London in '07 is just luck. Or product of being the #1 seed, etc.

I think he gets the breaks from other players.

An interesting note on Murray I just read an article from a Scottish writer who says Murray only has one more year or in his words, one more slam to win or it's too late in his career. He'll turn 23 after the Aussie Open.

How many first time winners of slams have done so after the age of 23? Korda comes to mind off the top of my head. Others?

I'm still high on Murray. But he has to learn to gut out matches in slams.

oddman said...

Bev, here's another link to another article.

Craig Hickman said...

peytonallen, you keep saying that being the No. 1 seed gives a player all the softer draws and lucky breaks. So then how do you explain the draws and scheduling in Melbourne when Rafa was the No. 1 seed?

I believe I commented through Rafa's reign that even the No. 1 ranking didn't bring about the same scheduling advantages Raja got as the No. 1 player. Commented that nothing had ever changed. That as far as the organizers were concerned, Raja was still No. 1 and Rafa was just interloping.

Ed is so sleepy he's unable to see any of this. Or perhaps he just won't admit it aloud, always the good soldier for his one-and-only.

And yes, peytonallen, Raja played for sympathy when he bawled like a punk in front of that Melbourne audience. I don't recall a single one of his fans calling him on it.

My last comment aside, this isn't about fandom. It's about fair play or the lack thereof. And it's starting to turn people off to the sport. Not just the casual fans, but some die-hard ones like me.

When we were kids, the fastest runner in the neighborhood would always spot the slower runners a few yards so that the end of the race would be competitive. It's too bad such a desire for fairness and good competition hasn't carried over to the grownups who schedule tournaments on the ATP.

Michael said...

And if this tournament really is about money first and foremost, then let's stop calling it the US Open, but rather the US Exhibition. A tournament is about fair play, and exhibition is about money. Then Hulk Hogan can join in the fray and surprisingly take out one of the favorites...

Beth said...

You know, I have not really wanted to gripe about the scheduling shittiness but it really is true. When was the last time Roger got f'd over with rain delays and all the shit the Rafa and Gonzo are dealing with. It seems he is always tanned, rested and ready (as they say) when it comes time for a semi or final. WTF?!!?!?!!! I am really so fed up with this. If it just happened once in a blue moon, fine. But this is over and over and over and over and OVER again. I have been tied up with family and work obligations so I haven't been able to figure out what the hell is going on.....can someone tell me: are they playing the quarters and semis today (mens) with quarter this morning and semis tonight? And women's semis AND final today or WHAT? I am sorry, but I am so pissed off and discombobulated right now. Any info would be great.

Beth said...

Okay, never mind. I went to the USO site and figured out the mess that is the final few days of this otherwise weather unimpeded tournament. Let's see if they are even able to keep to THIS schedule. Who knows what the hell they'll do if the rains f'k this up today.

I had a talk with my husband who follows the tournaments not as closely as me, but almost. He is an avid sports fan and athlete himself and he says that none of us should be griping about the scheduling and the fact that Nadal/Gonzo are getting the shit end of the deal with the rains.

As an example, he brought up MLB and said that if you are rained out and have to do a double header one day and then fly to another city for a game the next day, tired and without much sleep, them's the breaks. The other team who is waiting in the other city is rested and ready and you're not. Oh well. Sort of that's-the-way-the-cookie-crumbles philosophy. He says it could just as easily be ANY player who gets screwed by rain delays or scheduling issues and he won't even listen to me bitch about this so I am doing it with you guys. :-)

Still, why does it seem like Rafa always gets the short end of the stick? Always. I do understand the randomness of things....that if Rafa had already been ousted in the USO it would be yet ANOTHER player dealing with all this b-shit and not him. But still.......

Helen W said...

Beth I'd buy it if (1) they didn't have other options easily available (in this case), and (2) if it wasn't consistently ONT player that is the constant beneficiary of all this. That Wimbledon with all the rain delays -- they threw the entire half the draw under a bus. While Mr. Monogram sat back and criticized the players who had the temerity to question what was happening to them. And The Worshipful worried lest he be TOO rested, poor dear.

rabbit said...

Not that it matters any more with Rafa having a practical walkover today, but Helen_W, I don't understand your point #2. In this USO case, wouldn't you say Novak, Juan Martin and Roger were all equally advantaged over Rafa? Why reserve your wrath for Roger?

BTW, nobody addressed my comment above. Did anyone of us anywhere call for Savannah's two quarterfinals on Ashe scenario beforehand? Otherwise, it all seems like retrospective foresight. For example, not many predicted the course of today's match to go as it did. If Rafa had started off the blocks a little faster on Thursday and the rain had delayed by an hour, the USO organizers would have look absolutely brilliant to pack in all the action so compactly.

Helen W said...

rabbit my wrath is reserved for TPTB that play blatant favouritism in arranging draws and schedules. In my opinion, the primary beneficiary of this favouritism is Mr. Monogram -- over many tournaments. That other players also benefit along the way can't be avoided.

Dapxin said...

I like the way
the worshipful, in italics,
show on my monitor.

such a great word

Savannah said...

Rabbit the two qf's on Ashe was my idea and made sense considering the weather reports had said from about Tuesday that Friday would be a wash out. I waited to post it until after events played out. If the tournament organizers gave a rats ass about fair play they could've made other arrangements. I sat out a rain delay at the Open one year and our tickets were made good for the day session the following day. Reset the computers. Moving on.

The point is not moot however. Tennis matches have a start time. How the participants are playing, weather conditions, court conditions all factor into how a match progresses. Gonzo came out fighting and the match went long. To say that if Rafa had played the other day like he played today is a little disingenuous no? It's cloudy but when I was out this morning it was very humid. Different weather conditions.

As for the other players getting additional rest as was said sometimes others are the beneficiaries of the largesse shown the Monogram. The thing is it's not as consistent as what happens when the Monogram is anywhere in the draw. The fact that no one in the MSM except for a few independent folks not based in the States dares to mention the favoritism speaks volumes.

Craig Hickman said...

Beth, your husband, as usual (given what you report here, anyway) is comparing apples to chickens.

The schedulers of a tennis event are working with players in the SAME CITY, not across the country somewhere.

It would be one thing if a storm blew into New York out of nowhere against all forecasts to the contrary. But when you KNOW a weekend of bad weather is coming and you don't schedule all the same-round matches at the same time, then the organizers are 100% to blame when an unfair advantage is bestowed upon a player.

To this day there are those who believe that the ONLY reason Roddick won the USO in 2003 is because of the advantages in the scheduling he received during all the rain, never mind that he was the best player coming into the event.

So, for many fans, there's an asterisk beside his victory. Why are the Slam victories of RF under similar circumstances chalked up ONLY to his greatness?

Craig Hickman said...

rabbit, I don't see the point to your question. You seem to be suggesting that since no one mentioned it beforehand, it's just whining after the fact.

But I'll answer it anyway.

I don't live in New York. I don't follow the New York weather report. So when I found out that the organizers knew that the weather was coming in and did nothing to even the playing field for the players then it's a problem.

And RF is being singled out as having the biggest advantage because he is often the one benefitting from the weather delays because he ALWAYS RECEIVES ADVANTAGEOUS SCHEDULING AT THE EVENTS HE CONTESTS.

Why do you and many of his other fans IGNORE this FACT and try to turn the questions toward something else or point out that other players might also be advantaged by the situation in order to distract from Raja's scheduling advantages?

I want one of his fans to answer me that.

Michael said...

Beth's husband's comments also don't apply because the only position in baseball that can't play two games back-to-back is the pitcher, and they rotate day by day anyway.

If someone scheduled a football double header, that'd be closer to the situation we have with the USO. Plus, the weather aside, the USO is the only open that during the second week schedules each half of the draw on alternating days. This is an inherent unfair move that has to do with money.

Michael said...

And Rafa's "walkover today" doesn't make this all moot. Rafa had to be ready to play all day yesterday, as matches were "not before 12pm" then "not before 2:30" then "not before 4pm" then "not before 5pm." He had to be game-ready all day yesterday, and had to be ready for a grueling match today. The other guys could just sit back and relax.

If only one match remains in a section of the draw, and the entire day is rained out, they should go finish it indoors somewhere else. Maybe they should think about a roof for Armstrong, as it'd be cheaper than for Ashe.

edma1022 said...


"Why do you and many of his other fans IGNORE this FACT and try to turn the questions toward something else or point out that other players might also be advantaged by the situation in order to distract from Raja's scheduling advantages?"

Answer: Misdirection. How can one wiggle out Roger in this situation when he is No. 1??? One can only argue the benefit he's accruing is not private territory but others can also avail (ie. other players???)

"And yes, peytonallen, Raja played for sympathy when he bawled like a punk in front of that Melbourne audience. I don't recall a single one of his fans calling him on it.

Answer: Wrong. Roger bawls like a kid WHETHER WINNING OR LOSING. More when he's winning. Need I say more? Need I mention since he won his first slam? Before there ever was a Rafa. Don't tell me that's a sympathy card.

Rafa's sympathy card play is known throughout the tennis world. There are heaps of articles about it. How do you explain his tendonitis in RG after losing to Soderling yet he cleaned out Hewitt's clock just a day before? (fyi - RG is the 'softest' surface in the known slam world). How do you explain his announcement/s BEFORE Queens and BEFORE Wimbledon? How do you explain his announcement BEFORE this USO. And yet observe how he runs and tracks the ball thru the fortnight. Rafa is the only one tracked by the media for POTENTIAL injury announcements BEFORE all slams/masters. Ask yourself why? The Rafa team (not him obviously) is known for playing up the Spanish passion for drama - his struggles against the mighty Fed creates an aura of mystique and they felt the need to feed the public the illusion of how really really tough Rafa had to slosh thru to win against Fed in slams. But to me, that's just media fodder. As a tennis fanatic, I do not need the media, nor Rafa's teenybopper legions to tell me how great a player he is.

Rafa is a warrior and a gentlemen and he's growing on me as time passes (sorry, Karen, I'm softening up). But to hear you guys explain away his oncourt misfortunes is downright laughable. He's 5-2 against Fed in slam finals, for crying out loud! Does that mean the favoritism is working? I doubt. Stop focusing on Roger's luck as Rafa's misfortune. It doesn't equate properly.

Try again.


Craig Hickman said...


Roger said, "This is killing me!" while bawling like a punk, eliciting a hug from the player who had just defeated him.

Narcissistic. Play the victim. Get sympathy.

You're wiggling a lot, ed.

A lot.

So Rafa's camp is trying to turn him into a hero by playing the sympathy card around his injuries?

Well. How's that's for a conspiracy theory, folks.

I, for one, have focused primarily on RF's luck and have not equated it at all with Rafa's misfortune or anyone else's for that matter. They may be related, but that has never been my point.

You have me confused with someone else.

You try again.

You're becoming unraveled.