Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quote For The Day

"The reaction I received from fans after the Wimbledon final was something I will never forget. I've always had great support in London and I'm looking forward to being back there in November. I'm sure it will be a fantastic event,"--Andy Roddick, after securing his spot in the ATP World Tour Finals for the seventh consecutive year.


edma1022 said...

A truly original character. The one thing any tennis fan needs to do at least once in his lifetime is to watch a Roddick interview. The guy's wit is so infectious.

While in a Foro Italico tournament, he was once trapped in a burning hotel. In the balcony of his suite, he calmly hollered to the firefighters: "Hey! you guys with the ladder! If you come here I'll buy you pizza!"


edma1022 said...

... and I recall he helped several people/tennis players escape the blaze. He took charge and even stayed behind to ensure everyone was safe.


Graf_sampras said...

edma1022 said...

... and I recall he helped several people/tennis players escape the blaze. He took charge and even stayed behind to ensure everyone was safe.


Wed Oct 21, 11:18:00 AM


waaaaiiiitttt a minute there, Edma!

THAT recollection about Andy Helping Greg Rusedski and his pregnant wife in Rome to escape the fire and being the LAST of the tennis players to leave the hotel

is MINE - that's been MY special story of ANDY that I never tire to remind people of!

that's MINE!!! MINE MINE!!

heh -- but I have another about the little boy!

don't you DARE tell that ahead of me!

Graf_sampras said...

there are times when Andy can be annoying ...but he is always lovable . PERIOD!

he is GENUINE in his dedication to his profession and as a person and doesn't mince words about what he means, and he is always sincere.

edma1022 said...

:-) ooops, sorry, Graffy! I didn't know I was guilty of plegiarism.

I recall he saved the German Sjeng Schalken (caught him jumping off the balcony, I think), but don't recall Greg Rusedski. I know Marat (and his girlfriend) was also in the hotel during the fire, though.

Good stuff, no?

oddman said...

He's awesome in my book.


Craig Hickman said...

Schalken is Dutch, ed.

I don't recall Rusedski either.

But whatever the details, Andy was hailed as a hero.

Graf_sampras said...

Andy did assist others -- but he assisted Greg Rusedski and his wife - because in their hotel room - they couldn't leave because she was pregnant ..

and Andy stood by them . so greg and his wife could slide down from the balcony on the tarpauline covering the entrance way below..from the second or third floor and andy was the last to leave.

And Jim Courier who has spent his retirement years organizing senior tours (like the black rock), and charity causes, said that :

"of all players Andy Roddick is always the one that comes to the rescue. I can phone him for an event for charity and he always comes, no questions asked".

and when Andy was becoming the big american star in 2002/2003 - he was signing autographs across the fence in USO ..and the crowd of big people were pressing and there was this tiny boy that was getting crushed because he was so short trying to be noticed. but he was getting pushed back...

and Andy , without batting an eyelash, reached over the fence and picked up the boy over the fence and held him up while signing his autograph..and the boy went home with his aunt on the train , to Maryland where they came from...and it was his aunt's birthday gift to the boy -- and she wrote 2 days later in the New York Daily news Sports pages or readers' column with a short note:

"I was at the USO with my little nephew as his birthday gift to see Andy Roddick, but we were getting pushed back because of so many bigger people. and my nephew was really losing hope he could get near andy...but andy picked him and signed his autograph...on the way home to maryland and back home. all my nephew could say was "I will never forget Andy. because he was so kind to me....when I grow up i want to be a good guy just LIKE andy Roddick"..

I am the EXPERT on andy roddick about these things and don't anybody say othewise. ok?

Graf_sampras said...

meanwhile -- Roger Federer says you have to be nice to ballboys too...

"because when they grow up = you might meet them across the net..and u never know...they might take it against you if you were not nice before"......

ULTERIOR MOTIVE is applicable in "good deeds".

Graf_sampras said...

i am also the expert on

'Roger Federer and Ulterior motives'.


Graf_sampras said...

Does anyone know of a way to write to Andy Roddick that he gets the message?

I would like to compose a carefully written letter for him to try and expand his charity projects to include donations to OXFAM because they are about the most well-respected group in the world. no connections with "ulterior" other motives such as "religious preaching" or anything like that. just pure NEED and Sincerity to help those in DIREST need throughout the world....

and I really think Andy Roddick is the guy , out of all the tennis players to do this, perhaps, as much as Rafa ..

As Rafa's uncle had said:

"i always brought up rafael to remember: OUR problems are SMALL compared to the problems of people suffering in Africa and elsewhere".

most of us are able to argue about "tennis balls" and "raquets" and trophies and this and that....

children, mothers, people in africa can not even have these ...their kids can not even have nice toys to be like real children...because the the only hope they have for every single day is to find some food and water..

please help , everyone, if you can at all spare anything..

Hunger and Thirst
Over 23 million people in East Africa face critical shortages of food and water after years of worsening drought. In a report marking the 25th anniversary of a famine in Ethiopia that killed a million people, Oxfam has asked for emergency help to both feed people now and prepare communities to prevent future disasters.

For more go here.

To help go here.

Beth said...

I am with you 100% edma1022. Love Andy in interviews, love his spirit and his general outlook. Just want to see him doing better. Thanks for the anecdotes as well.