Friday, November 13, 2009

Bercy Drive-By Preview

Gael Monfils of France during his match against compatriot Julien Benneteau during their match in the Paris Masters tennis tournament November 12, 2009.

Djoke over Söderling in straights
Jo-Wilfried over Rafa in straights*
Monfils over Cilic in 3
Stepanek over JMDP in 3

Would serve me right if I got all four predictions wrong, but the losers will have to get out of their own ways to end up on the side of victory.

*Tsonga withdrew from doubles citing a wrist injury, so....


Singles - Third Round
[2] R Nadal (ESP) d [14] T Robredo (ESP) 63 36 75
[3] N Djokovic (SRB) d [Q] A Clement (FRA) 62 62
[13] R Stepanek (CZE) d [4] A Murray (GBR) 16 63 64
[5] J Del Potro (ARG) d [10] F Gonzalez (CHI) 67(6) 76(6) ret. (leg) - saved 7 M.P.
[9] R Soderling (SWE) d [6] N Davydenko (RUS) 63 36 64
[12] M Cilic (CRO) d [7] F Verdasco (ESP) 36 63 64
[8] J Tsonga (FRA) d [11] G Simon (FRA) 62 63
[15] G Monfils (FRA) d J Benneteau (FRA) 64 63

Doubles - Quarterfinals
[8] F Cermak (CZE) / M Mertinak (SVK) d J Kerr (AUS) / T Parrott (USA) 62 64

Doubles - Second Round
[1] D Nestor (CAN) / N Zimonjic (SRB) d [WC] A Clement (FRA) / M Llodra (FRA) 63 64
[2] B Bryan (USA) / M Bryan (USA) d J Benneteau (FRA) / J Tsonga (FRA) w/o (Tsonga - wrist)
C Kas (GER) / P Kohlschreiber (GER) d [6] J Knowle (AUT) / A Ram (ISR) 75 64


Hard to say who's playing the best tennis. It's a toss up between Stepanek, Djoke, Monfils, and Tsonga at this point. This point. Would make for interesting semifinals as well. But Rafa is still hanging on, lucky his Spanish opponents couldn't close him out. Is he about to turn a corner? If Tsonga is injured, he could get out of jail free once again.


Dapxin said...

bercy what ?

Pamela said...

So glad the predictions were wrong.

Soderling is out. Yes!! Don't like him and I've tried. I.. can't .. do .. it.

Rafa takes out Tsonga. Sad for Jo, but happy for Rafa because it was a great match from him. His form returned big time.

Beth said...

I've got to sit my ass down and get with this tournament. Had a lot going on and haven't had time but I'm there this weekend.

BTW, great FIERCE face on Monfils. That expression speaks a thousand words.

Craig Hickman said...


Drive-By Preview = Quickie

Karen said...

Quickie - have not heard that one in a long time.
I told yall that Rafa would get through JoWilly. JoWilly has not been playing well and even though he had his chances, he just made too many errors when it counted. Who is up next?

Dapxin said...

yeah beth,
I took seconds thinking what a great shot that was.
It had it all - expressions!

Helen W said...

So DelPo just retired -- yet another injury. It was pretty obvious watching him that he just couldn't move.

lynney62 said...

Craig....never, ever, under any circumstances, underestimate Rafael Nadal.

Craig Hickman said...

Not sure I ever have

But Rafa is lucky to still be in this tournament.

Craig Hickman said...


It's so nice to see you!

Damián said...

Craig, I don´t think to save so many match balls is luck... ;)

Damián said...

By the way, the summary of the match:

"Too much Rafa for a Tsonga"

oddman said...

Wow - didn't see the Rafa-Tsonga match. Was Tsonga injured? I thought it was more about Rafa finally finding his previous form, but I could be wrong.

Now he's got the tough Nole in the semi's - he needs to keep up this form.

Whoo - ooo, you go, Rafa! Way to play in Paris!

lynney62 said...

Tsonga's only injury today was "befuddlement" appears to be getting his groove back. It was a lovely sight to behold!
Craig, I doubt you underestimate him.....I was just surprised you picked him to lose today.

Graf_sampras said...

I haven't caught Tsonga's form this week - but from reports , i thought that if he is in full mode - he would win over Rafa , especially on home ground and this surface. either tsonga made crucial mistakes late in the tie-break sets or played well but nadal still played a bit better...OR tsonga might have had moments of inconsistency. that's just a guess.

I never put much credence in soderling despite his giant stature, frankly. I'm not surprised Djoko proved the better player.

the EXCITING one was Monfils against a good-playing cilic who made important mistakes with his forehand especially ..but that's also because monfils scrambled and hit some return in rallies so well...SO athletic - monfils was incredible and exciting to watch today. he deserved that match completely because he fought and fought and fought even when behind.

Graf_sampras said...

Beth is right about monfils and his expression. it really helped carry him through the tough moments towards in the second set to get even at one set apiece. Cilic was so good in the first set and a half but monfils didn't give up at all. those running/jumping bounds of his hitting shots all over the court were incredible to watch! they deserved a medal all their own.

Christopher Crocker said...

I only saw the second set, but from what I saw Tsonga had too many unforced errors, and his volleying at the net was quite poor - leaving them way to high, maybe the wrist was not feeling great (that would account for the poor volleying). That being said, Nadal looked much, much better today than he did in his previous two matches.