Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quote For The Day

"[Andy] Murray can still [trouble me with counter-punching] to some degree, but when I play too good or too offensive I can take it away from him now. And I’m too physical, whereas in the beginning I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t get around backhands and stuff. Now I can mix up my game too well for him to get under my skin. When we both play well it’s a close match, but I always feel it’s the attacker who holds the key to success, so it’s up to me whether I win or lose, not up to him. That’s why I don’t mind the match-up, to be honest."--Roger Federer


oddman said...

To be honest, Andy Murray doesn't mind the matchup either.

Pamela said...

Let's recap, shall we?

Roger Federer on Rafael Nadal - One dimensional.

Roger Federer on Novak Djokovic - Not impressive.

This is just Fed's way of complimenting Andy. lol I tend to think his choice of phrasing is very intentional, so .. yeah, compliment.

Michael Wilhelmsen said...

Great comment by Roger :)

Matt said...

Arrogant much? I can't stand this man!!!!

Modesty is what makes a true champion.

Whole Sight said...

Arrogant? No, just a top jock's way of staying positive & believing he can win. This habit of mind is very much part of why he has been champion for so long - the fact it offends some fans is irrelevant.

Delusional? Yes, in that Federer has not played well lately, while Murray has come back strong from his wrist injury. We'll see what happens, but Federer fans can't be sanguine. The greatest forehand in tennis history . . . when it doesn't go AWOL.

Helen W said...

Sorry, Whole Sight, I beg to differ (surprise!).

Whether or not Federer finds it necessary to come out with such statements in order to "stay positive & believe he can win" -- it's still arrogrant trash talking. And I doubt that such behaviour is required for him to keep his mental edge, although I suppose it is possible.

Do you know of any other champion who indulges in these kinds of put-downs of his competitors? Did Sampras do this kind of thing? Does Tiger Woods?

edma1022 said...

Graf_Sampras is gonna have a field day with this ... *sigh*

Oh, Roger! tsk, tsk, tsk! Just win dem games and don't pander to these Brit media mental-fool-traps!

(whether or not Murray's wrist holds up, I think it's gonna be DelPo vs Davydenko in the finals)

Whole Sight said...

Helen W. said: "It's still arrogrant trash talking. And I doubt that such behaviour is required for him to keep his mental edge, although I suppose it is possible."

In my view, both of us are speculating according to our whims, that is, what interests us most. Neither "arrogant trash talking" nor "just a top jock's way of staying positive" exist except as interpretations we have conjured up.

I gather you feel that regardless of motive, "trash talking" is wrong - hence your comparison to Tiger Woods, etc. I guess; but even here, the definition of "trash talking" is open to interpretation and thus to disagreement. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

Personally, I'm most interested in what makes great players great - including all the mental tricks they play on themselves. It's fascinating to see Federer continue to bluster despite his recent poor play. Will he be able to back it up? I'd love to see that happen, but personally I doubt it.

Whole Sight said...

Here's some more fat to throw on the fire: From Pete Bodo's column today at, titled "Resurgent Insurgencies," this comment:

"I don't think Federer is the type who will feel obliged to do that; whatever else you think of him, he's never shown an inclination to rub someone else's nose in the dirt, or throw a big middle finger up in the direction of his critics, or the world in general."

I like Bodo. He seems a generous soul, praising more than he pans. But then again, maybe he's part of the Evil Tennis Empire that some speak darkly of . . .

Helen W said...

Interesting points Whole Sight. It's true that trash talking is not something I admire or particularly enjoy. That being said, what Federer said in this case is far less extreme than what Connors or McEnroe did by way of trash talking in days gone by.

FWIW, I am far less doubtful of Federer's success than you are. Agree that he hasn't been playing his best, but apart from Djokovic, neither have the rest of them. They all seem a bit tired, injured, and jaded to me.

I'm not so sure that this latest utterance of Federer has much to do with him psyching himself up as you seem to think. I just don't see it as that calculated. But again, that's just my personal take on it.

I generally like Bodo too, for the same reasons as you do, but that doesn't mean I agree with every word he says :)

vw said...

Murray vs Del P
Fed vs Verdasco

Nads vs Sod
Djok vs Denk

tangerine said...

Hark, the King Speaketh.

Craig Hickman said...

Thanks, vw.

Dapxin said...

I did little Tennis.
Until this blog.

I dont know so well how it
works in Tennis,
you people talk of the
game being so mental.

What I do know,
as it happens, I watch
loads and loads of football,
is that coaches prints stuff
like this,
and circle their players
with it in the hours,
before a game.

The talker then goes
out to learn,
that to defeat a man,
can be easy,
but when you take
on the will,
that that drives,
the very essence of a soul,
you just lost it.

Before you even began.

Its suicide. But that's football.

Bring it on!