Tuesday, November 24, 2009

World Tour Finals Day 3


Andy Roddick of USA watches the men's singles first round match between Novak Djokovic of Serbia and Nikolay Davydenko of Russia during the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals at the O2 Arena on November 23, 2009 in London, England.

from andyroddick on twitter: its an unreal event that has been put together at the O2.... i really miss playing but it was good being around the energy of it again


Round Robin Day 3 Order of Play

Centre Court – start 12:30 pm

Bhupathi/Knowles vs. Fyrstenberg/Matkowski

Not Before 2:15 pm
[5] J del Potro (ARG) vs [7] F Verdasco (ESP)

At 7:00 pm
Nestor/Zimonjic vs. Cermak/Mertinak

Not Before 8:45 pm
[1] R Federer (SUI) vs. [4] A Murray (GBR)

Yesterday's Results


Serbia's Novak Djokovic, right, swaps shirts with Russia's Nikolay Davydenko, left, after their ATP World Tour Finals tennis match at the O2 Arena in London, Monday Nov. 23, 2009.

Group B Singles
R Söderling (SWE) d R Nadal (ESP) 64 64
N Djokovic (SRB) d N Davydenko (RUS) 36 64 75

As I said in the comments, Rafa is barely on the court these days. I do enjoy Söderling's "rude power" and wouldn't mind seeing him doing well here but I don't think he's going to win another match.

Djoke and Kolya really know how to turn a single match into three. Some of those games were 15 minutes. Got a bit too nervy for me at the end, but it was a well-fought war.

Group B Doubles
M Mirnyi (BLR) / A Ram (BLR) d B Bryan (USA) / M Bryan (USA) 64 64
L Kubot (POL) / O Marach (AUT) d L Dlouhy (CZE) / L Paes (IND) 63 76(3)


kraa said...

Soderling has beaten Davydenko 5 of the last 6 times (6-3 overall) including as recently as two weeks ago in Paris. It doesn't guarantee anything, but I like his chances.

Dapxin said...

rude power...?
that sounds a bit agressive. normally. :)

Craig Hickman said...

Jimmy Arias:

"Federer is used to dealing with guys who just lay down for him."

I wonder what on earth he's talking about.

Dapxin said...

gosh. So Murray! has actually got one down on Mr.I-got-my-opponent's balls-locked-up-in-my-thumbs.

was onto football.

I am rooting for Murray. first time. and I have never rooted for that other chap.

Can he do it ?

Dapxin said...

By the way the game is on here
if you need a stream

Dapxin said...

father federer looks ruffled.
Is it Murray
the fresh 02 arena entrants?
whatdoyooucall people ?

Craig Hickman said...

Raja has never defeated Murray from a set down...

Dapxin said...

now let me ask a quick question.
Is there a technical word for
anticipation in this game?

I just think, for all the genuflect that father federer gets,
the one thing that he does
so well ahead of the rest, is,

Can any1 put this in simplistica for me ?

b said...

craig.... hope you are enjoying the shotmaking in this match.....
i had the accidental opportunity to watch it on a widescreen tv and have been able to catch enough of the match to make it worthwhile.....

who is doing the commentating? is one rusesdski..... i'm talking about the 2nd irritating voice on the tennis channel

b said...

still somewhat stubbornly clinging to my dream of murray winning this in 2 sets somehow..... although, if i remember correctly their matches usually go 3 sets

b said...

oh! dream dashed!
ok murray - 3 sets

Dapxin said...

what do you call that ? a lob right?
it was unbelievable.

Dapxin said...

see the anticipation I was taking about ?

b said...

well tennis channel lost the signal and looks like murray lost it.... looks like murray is struggling with the pressure - unfortunately i'm not able to finish this match but looks like fed is going to be vindicated

Dapxin said...

The belief is gone b.
double faults all over the place

edma1022 said...

that was extremely satisfying ....

*sigh* I wish I saw it all.

Craig Hickman said...


Anticipate is the word used in tennis. And you hit the nail on the head with how well Federer Father does it.

That said, Murray's groin/hip injury was quite apparent in the second set and he was trying to shorten points, which was exactly what Father Federer likes. So while Murray may have been struggling with pressure he was also struggling with his body.

And yes, b, the shotmaking throughout the match was very nice. FF seemed re-energized.

edma1022 said...
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Whole Sight said...

TennisTV.com chose a GREAT MOMENT to crap out. ?#@!##!!!

Dapxin said...

thx for the clarification Craig.

I think I am making for a good Tennis 'reader' now. haha. welldone me :)_

Sadly, 'anticipation' is rooted,
if my biology serves me right,
in the central nervous system,
and you can't learn that.

You either have it, or you watch it. hmmm.

rabbit said...

Year-end #1 once again!!!!

Couldn't dream of this finish around Indian Wells or Miami. And what a way to finish...overcoming the 3-set loss streak against Murray at his home. And with such class.

edma, I wish I saw it all too. Just managed to see the end and some highlights.

Dapxin said...

interesting Simon Barnes, the Times take, over here in england


Describing Federer's play in the 2nd set:
"In the second set, he seemed to go into one of those trance states that he finds when suddenly the ball will do whatever he asks of it, and his opponent, too.

poetic description....