Sunday, December 20, 2009

Checking In


That's about all I can say right now.

I'll have the Gonads up before year's end.


Karen said...

Hey Craig and everyone else. I celebrated my birthday recently (18December - Happy Birthday to me). Do you want to do Gonad Awards based on nominations. For example, we your loyal readers, nominate who we think deserve certain Gonads and you then give us the results based on our nominations? To make it even more interesting, we could make up certain awards, like Best Dressed Female, Best Dressed Male, Best WTF Performance - Male/Female; Best quote of the day etc.

oddman said...

Congrats, Karen, and happy belated birthday to you!

How's the weather your way, Craig? Did the storm hit there? Heard about it on the news.

Sounds like you're busy with your farm, B&B, and Christmas preparations.

Nice to hear from you!

Craig said...

Happy Birthday, Karen!

I'm all for nominations. Readers can place them right here in the comments.

Karen said...

Thanks Oddman and Craig. I was thinking that for the new season we could expand our online coverage of tennis by skyping each other during matches. I know that I have suggested this before but it would be good if we could all get on skype and be able to talk to each other during match plays, perhaps not during a FeDal match but during a match where none of us really have anything at stake. If you all agree and to protect people's personal information, we could perhaps all email Craig our skype names and only those of us who are really regular contributors could be on these skype calls. Just something to think about in the New Year. I dont know about you guys but sometimes when I am watching a match at 3 in the morning I really want someone who understands what is happening on court to talk to and coming here and posting my thoughts sometimes does not hit the right note. Next post will have my nominations

Karen said...

Karen's Nominations for 2009 Gonad Awards:
Best Performance male/female: Roger (FO against Haas)/Serena (Wimby semi against Dementieva)
Best Dressed Male/Female: Haas Wimbledon; tied with Flavia (USO) Serena AO
Worst Dressed Male/Female: Roger (Wimby); Safina (AO - too small clothes);
Most improved male: Del Potro;
Most improved female: CWozniacki
Most disappointing male/female: Gulbis (nuff said), Radwanska (given up on this girl)
Best Slam Performance male/female:
Soderling (FO); Kutznezova (FO)
Best match male/female: USO (final); Wimbledon semis (Serena/Dementieva)
Worst WTF match male/female: A match that took place during clay court season between Starace and Murray where Starace was leading 5-1 in the first set, ended up losing the set and the match. Venus losing at A0 after being up match points
All I can think of for now but I am sure others will have more to add or not.

oddman said...



Best ATP match of '09 - AO semi, Rafa vs Verdasco

Biggest ATP upset - Rafa losing to Soderling, FO 09 4th round.

Worst heartbreak match of 09 - AndyR losing after such a fight at Wimby 09 final.

Most promising that didn't pan out - Fernando Verdasco or Andy Murray

Most improved player - gad, either Del Potro or Soderling, hard to pick that one, oh, I'll say Del Potro.

My personal fave - d'uh, AO final, Rafa finally wins a hardcourt slam, first guy to own three slams on a different soofrace in one year - vamos, vamos!!

oddman said...

WTA player who didn't pan out - Ana Ivanovic.

WTA shocker - Serena's coming unglued at the USO 09.

Worst ATP outfit? Gotta say the pink shirt on Rafa at the FO.

Dapxin said...


You share birthday with a precious lil, sister of mine currently in Nigeria.

Now I wont forget that...:) Happy Birthday too to you.

Karen said...

Thanks guys. Happy Birthday to your little sister Daxpin. I bet she is as outgoing as I am - LOL
I kept my birthday very low key this year but realised that I did not tell my "internet friends", except those who are my Facebook friends. I had planned to go and get drunk on 2 beers but after doing the Old Lady Shuffle when I woke up in the morning, I passed and then fell asleep watching the Soup.

Karen said...

Just saw this over at ESPN, and thought you guys might find it funny.

Karen said...

Craig, I know you perhaps do not like to hope, but I just saw this interview over at Freaky Frites, and thought you might find it interesting. It is an interview with your boy's coach, Stefanki. enjoy

edma1022 said...

Roddick is one guy I'd like to see in person at the USO practice courts. Never seem to chance on him. Hopefully 2010.

b said...

Craig - serena female athlete of the year.... by a landlslide.....
Also ITF world champion in singles in doubles.... first since Hingis in 99

Am I the only one who doesn't find it amusing that 2nd place was Zenyatta (a horse)?

Pamela said...

Happy belated Birthday, Karen! I hope you enjoyed it.

I don't know the categories, so I'll just name a few things that come to my head. (forgive me, I'm fatigued)

Men's Match - Wimbledon Final with Fed/Andy - drama factor makes it match of the year followed closely by the AO semi Rafa/Nando.

Women's Match - Wimbledon Semi with Serena/Dementieva.

Honorable mention: 3 Set match for men - Madrid semi with Djokovic/Rafa.

Worst match for women - Roland Garros Final. Watching Safina scream "why am I such a chicken" laboring after each shot, near tears and fearfully looking towards her coach constantly was a blight on women's tennis.

Worst Match for Men - There were a few stinkers, but Murray vs. Fognini comes to mind simply because Fabio was leading 5-0 and lost that set. Ridiculous.

Worst outfit - anything that Nadia Petrova wore with ruffles.

Player I'll miss the most - Marat Safin. I could write an entire article about why I loved him, his game, his charisma, his honesty and his short temper on court. I won't.

Most disappointing - Gulbis, followed closely by Tsonga. He won titles and gave a few thrills but I want (almost expect) him to become one of the big 3,4,5 or 6 if he'd just gain some consistency.

Pamela said...

I forgot most disappointing woman - Ana Ivanovic. I don't expect her to blow everyone away, but she sucked pretty much from January to December.

Karen said...

Thanks for the well wishes guys. Pamela, I am bending over laughing about your nominations. Keep em coming folks. This could really get hilarious

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Karen! Hope 2010 is a fantastic year for you!

Beth said...
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Beth said...

I second the following nominations:

Most (gut wrenchingly) heartbreaking match of 09 - Roddick losing to Federer at Wimbledon.

Best Men's Match - Wimbledon Final with Roger and Andy. I thought I was going to have the Big H watching this!

Greatest Moment in '09 - I second Oddman with Rafa winning AO open and being first person to win 3 slams on a different surface in one year. Too bad the aftermath of that match had to pulled the media focus away from Rafa's achievement :-(

Women's Match - I second Pamela with Serena/Dementieva SF at Wimbledon.

Sometimes it's hard to remember all the matches and think of the superlatives to vote but certainly some just stand out loud and clear.

Pamela said...

Oh my gosh .. we have to have a category for the Vera/Flavia USO match. Vera blew how many match points? 6? Then she sat on the court tearing and ripping her bandages off after being denied scissors by the chair. (good call Lynn in hindsight lol) Maybe .. most dramatic women's match?

I almost want to include the Jankovic/Dementieva match because it was so pathetically entertaining. Neither held serve for like .. I don't know .. 8 consecutive serves and it ended up in a tie-break or something. Anyone remember that match? It was during the USO Series ..night match.

Ok, I'm done. I watch too much tennis. I'll keep adding and adding so ... that's enough. lol

Karen said...

Pamela, those 2 matches fall under the nomination of "WTF Award". Where you are wondering what the dickens is happening out there. Unfortunately for the WTA they outdid themselves in that category as there are too many matches to nominate in that particular category. I can think of a few on the ATP side (Montreal: Federer v. Tsonga anyone?)but it is hilarious to review those matches and laugh about them now. And Pamela yes it was a night match in Ohio during the USO Series. One of the worst matches I have ever watched

Karen said...

I dont know how many times I have said it, but Youtube is the best place on the internet, especially if you are a tennis fan who likes to relive the glory days of your fave. Today, for the first time I watched a match between Davenport and Sharapova, IW 2005 where Sharapova got double bagelled. I tell you I was not much interested in what was happening on court as I was listening to the commentators in the booth. I now know why Sharapova has yet to beat Serena since 2004. I bet you Serena heard those comments every time Sharapova played and it must gall her that Sharapova made her name by winning Wimbledon that year and then beating Serean again at the year end championships. I think she must have taken a vow that no way was she losing to this girl again. To hear them talk about the endorsements, the mental toughness, how good her game is, how she hits cleaner and harder than anyone on the Tour, it just went on and on, all the while Lindsay perhaps not getting the memo was giving her a double bagel. It was hilarious.