Monday, December 14, 2009

Wickmayer and Malisse Can Play Again?

According to this article in French. Apparently nothing will be resolved until 2010.

Yanina Wickmayer will need a wildcard to get into the Australian Open according to this article in English.

As the World Turns.


Karen said...

So a Court says that Wickmayer and Malisse are not suspended, but the ITF says something totally different in this ESPN piece.

Is there something that people are not telling us? It makes absolutely no sense that 2 players who have been off the radar for awhile, least in the case of Malisse could be the subject of what appears to be a dog fight regarding a suspension. Are they suspended? If not, then they should be allowed to play the next major, i.e. the AO. Oh no, says the ITF, they are still suspended and are therefore prohibited from playing the next major. Hello, I thought that a suspension meant that you are barred from participating and I also thought that the fact that a court had lifted the suspension meant that said players could now play. Someone, anyone, please help me understand all of this because I am so confused.

Craig said...

I just commented by adding a question mark to the title.

Karen said...

LMAO - I just saw that - hilarious. Now the ITF says they can play. A case of the tail wagging the dog.