Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quote For The Day

“[Serena Williams] could have been the greatest ever (record wise) and I still think that when she plays her best, that she is the best ever. She's smarter, and has the power and the speed. But what I really appreciate is how much she's grown up. She's so much better now at recognizing the other players now. There's life after tennis and you want to be well adjusted when you retire.” --Billie Jean King


Dapxin said...

that is a really mature,
complimentary stuff on/for Serena.

was that Billie you guys says is Serena's own idol ?

she'd be frozen to read that.

And I like the stuff about life after Tennis...visionary stuff, from she that's experienced.

Karen said...

Daxpin, one of the things that I think that Billie has brought to the attention of the Sisters is how they can use their popularity to help others. Serena said that one of her goals was tying Billie's record and now that she has done the on-court stuff it is time to focus on the off-court stuff. In relation to Serena's maturity, I have to say that since Foot Fault Gate (sorry Craig and others), Serena has shown a level of maturity that I have really not seen in a long time. Her press conferences which used to be filled with sarcastic remarks was thoughtful, concise and while there was the occassion put down of a reporter (anger management anyone), she held herself together this fortnight. I saw a quote where she said that there was someone in the crowd behind her when she was serving at 3-2 in the third set and the person shouted out that Justine should break her serve because she is not that good, or words to that effect. Serena is quoted as saying that she thought that was quite rude and decided that she was not going to lose another game. I am sure that her family is very proud of her. Another thing that I have noticed from the write ups from her victory is the grudging respect being meted out to her by almost every journalist that I have read. Good to see that she is finally getting the positive press she deserves and that it was caused by her tennis and not by anything else. Good stuff.

Craig said...

Karen, you (or anyone else) never needs to apologize to me (or anyone else) for saying something negative or that might be perceived as negative about a any player.


We just don't get down like that.

These quotes you refer to by Serena are intriguing. You have a link or two?

Dapxin said...


There is something about adversity that is blessing --in the end.

It reveals a range of obscure spectrum about yourself, and the interaction of that, with your immediate world.

Which is good!

I think Churchill, Britain's one time prime minister put it this way: (paraphrasing)

Crisis - a combination of opportunity and danger.

Serena, after that US open blowout, has to/seems to/ and will be a lot more self-aware person.

where awareness, then reaches thresholds, she 'dared' not before.

Its one of the 'unknown' things about sport, how it teaches us, what we forget.

stuff that matters...


Jonus said...

I love how Billie is always a supporter of the sisters regardless of what the press criticizes them for. She recognizes what they have brought and continue to bring to woman's tennis. I think she sees what this win really means, that now, officially, Serena Williams goes down as one of the greatest female tennis players of all time, and from this point on there is nothing anyone can say or do to take that away from her.

Karen said...

Craig, because I had stayed up so late for the last couple of weeks I went to bed early last night. I will try and find the link. It was in the Guardian online