Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quotes For The Day

“I've known Rafa since I was 13 or 14 and he is somebody I have always looked up to. He is my favourite player to watch because of his energy and I am gutted for him.”--Andy Murray

“For Andy, I think he deserves to win his first Grand Slam. And I think he’s going to do it There’s a very good chance for him. First thing, he’s playing very well. Second thing, he’s already in the semifinals. He’s only two matches away.”--Rafael Nadal


Pamela said...

"Gutted" - Me too, me too. I couldn't even say anything last night and I don't have anything to say today. Take care of your body, Rafa.

Karen said...

Even though Rafa may think Murray deserves to win his first Grand Slam title, certain other guys over on the other side may have something to say about that. I think Novak wants the No. 1 throne, Koly wants to ensure that he is in the conversation where Grand Slams are concerned, and Jo-Willy believes that it is time he wins a Grand Slam, Cilic same thing and Federer wants to ensure that his total number of Grand Slams can withstand the test of time. Everyone is truly motivated right now. It should produce some good tennis for us fans. The montage of pictures looks like the WTA YEC. The Walking Wounded. this sport is brutal on the players, no doubt about that.

edma1022 said...

"Muzza mania" ???

Craig said...

Where did Muzza come from?

Mad Professah said...

The Walking Wounded? We're in the first freaking month of the year!

I see a Djokovic-Murray final.
Those two are clearly playing the best of what I have seen so far.

I will be very curious to see the Tsonga-Djokovic match...

I have been saying for years that Nadal's style of play is simply unsustainable--it is just too damned hard on the body.

Nadal is 24 and Federer is 28 but I will bet money that Federer will still be on the tour when Nadal is off.

Karen said...

Mad, that statement may unfortunately prove to be true, which would be a real pity as I think a lot of people will be turned off tennis if they have to contend with the Murray Era - Goodness me I cannot believe I just typed that.

Beth said...

I love the mutual admiration society. Seriously, though, it's nice to see respect between rivals.

kraa said...

We don't really know how well Djokovic is playing. He is totally untested so far - yet to play a top 50 opponent.

I still think Federer is the favorite. Not by much, though.

Whole Sight said...

Re: "Where did 'Muzza' come from?"

If this is the question, then best as I can tell, "Muzza" is a nickname common to Australia & also New Zealand for anyone named "Murray." Google hard enough and eventually you find enough hits unrelated to Andy Murray to make this supposition likely.

edma1022 said...

"Muzza Mania"

That's what you get when you click on the hotlink under Andy Murray. It's a tennis board, I think.

Dapxin said...

I remember calling rafa the 'brute' somewhere in the past.

there is an upper limit to which your body power can be pushed.

maxed out, its maxed out. and out.s

Musa, is a popular islamic name btw. :_

PeytonAllen said...

Hey guys, been lurking thus far, seems like comments are at an all-time high. Good to see.

Regarding, Roddick. I went to bed when he lost the second. Maybe before. I didn't think he'd put up much of a fight, but I was happy to see him take it to five. When I turned off the set, Andy had just started to flatten out his shots. I haven't seen a replay, am I to believe he did the same for the rest of the match?

If Andy leveled the match playing with aggression, I bet Craig was throwing up in his mouth. We've discussed several times, haven't we Craig, what losing the 2004 Wimby title did to Roddick. In his mind, in his disbelief that he didn't win and was losing ground to Fed, he thought he had to change. And that's largely why he only has one slam. In today's game when nearly everyone in the top 10 has a big game off the baseline I remain stunned he really doesn't just live and let fly with that forehand more often. Maybe in his mind he's convinced he's a grinder with a big serve.

I don't think Andy's done. He still is movingly very well, his volleys at the net have improved, and Larry is good for him. I love his backhand slice and I thought he came really close to having his first set and half strategy pay off. That said, any time I see Andy redline it's bittersweet. That said, I think he's got one or two big runs left in majors before he's done.

Murray was outstanding. Like Fed he has all-court, multiple option game and an ego to match. Andy thinks of himself as a Slam winner already. A legend in his own mind. Much like Fed did. Fed won his first and history is still being written. I think once Andy takes his first major, the train will be impossible to move off tracks. But, he has to prove he's capable of not losing big matches, and by losing I mean falling in love with his wheels and excuse the following, but dicking around on court. It was disgraceful to see him blow 3 of his 4 Slam exits last year. Just giving up control as if the glory of it all was a burden. Roddick actually beat him in London, but the others Murray imploded.

What to make of Rafa? He slept walked through his return last summer, but thus far this year he's come on with mental aggression and was getting close to his top form. As well as Murray played, obviously Rafa lost it with his poor break conversion and in the 2nd set when he played a low energy game after breaking. When Murray broke back, Rafa was done.

I think Nadal's exit last year and his injury yesterday was/is half physical half mental. I think he's going through a version of burn out. As we saw last night the one part of his game that was lacking was the laser mental focus, the "I'll take you to hell and back before losing."

How bad was his knee? I dunno. I think he more or less tapped out. When he was thinking of pulling the rip-cord (thanks BG) but found his way to a break point, you could see him look to his box and smirk after a Murray ace as if to say "why get reinvested when he's seeing the ball this big."

We'll see how long Rafa's out. But, he'll keep losing against the top until he gets that focus back and it may not come until he's back on the salt of the earth.

I like Fed to win. The man was a few GAMES away from the Grand Slam last year. We keep thinking the run has to end, that a deep breath is in order, but the man lives to dress well and kick ass on court. Neither changes here.

(i apologize for any typos I've written a lot and just have had dinner shoved in my lap. Mmmm.)